#Asia #China Managing from Zero to IPO, with Ben Hu, Co-Founder, CTO and Head of Adult English of Liulishuo


Liulishuo is an AI-powered English language learning platform operated by the AI firm LAIX founded in 2012 and it went public on New York Stock Exchange in Sept 2018. We are lucky to have Ben Hu, Co-Founder, CTO and Head of Adult English of Liulishuo to share the first 6 months of starting the company, their early successes, the growth, as well as his insights about managing a team from 5 to 200 people. “Empathy and strategic thinking together make the management easier.”

As of June 30, 2018, Liulishuo has over 83.8 million registered users and 7.2 million average monthly active users in 175 countries. The average daily time per user is 60+ minutes.

Show Notes:

0:00 Summary
1:24 Introducing Ben Hu
2:13 What is Liulishuo?
4:25 Artificial Intelligence’s Evolution and Change
6:56 Ben Hu talks about the product launch and first version of Liulishuo
9:05 Length and process from ideation to first launch
10:44 Ben Hu shares about Liulishuo’s beta experience
11:15 Engagement with Liulishuo’s beta user experience
11:55 Metrics used in Early Days
13:19 Ben’s advice for past-Ben, in the Early Days of Liulishuo
15:16 Practices for entering Chinese Markets
19:17 Management in Liulishuo’s expansion
22:10 How Hu developed management skills?
24:00 Decision-making in Management
25:36 Ben Hu’s management framework for unlocking potential
28:34 Exciting technology in Education Space
30:43 Wrapping Up and Closing Thoughts
31:35 Contact Information and Job Postings
31:52 Close Off and Partner Appreciation

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Many thanks to our host Oscar Ramos and guest Ben Hu, editor David and Geep, producer Eva Shi, organizer Chinaccelerator and sponsor People Squared. Be sure to check out our website www.chinaccelerator.com.

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