#Blockchain Express Your Gratitude With Bitcoin.com’s New Smart Tip Generator

Express Your Gratitude With Bitcoin.com's BCH Tip Generator

Bitcoin.com has launched a new service that provides anyone with the ability to generate customized bitcoin cash (BCH) tips. Users can fund printed tip cards and show people that they appreciate their services by tipping them in BCH. Moreover, any funds that go unclaimed are returned to the owner after a specified expiration date.

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Bitcoin.com’s New Customizable BCH Tip Generator

Giving a gratuity is a great way to show people you value their work. It has been a human expression for centuries. Now Bitcoin.com has created a printable tip service that allows people to print pre-funded BCH tips. Bitcoin cash is a public digital currency that allows people to make fast and cheap payments in a peer-to-peer fashion without the need for a third party. Tipping with BCH is a great way to drive adoption because giving a crypto-gratuity introduces individuals to cryptocurrencies in a unique fashion.

With Bitcoin.com’s email or printable BCH tip tickets, people can redeem them by simply visiting a web page with retrieval instructions. And there is even some smartness built into these tip cards; If the recipient does not claim the BCH then any unclaimed tips are automatically returned to the sender after a customizable expiry date.

Express Your Gratitude With Bitcoin.com's New Refunding Tip Generator

Creating Custom Bitcoin Cash Tips

In order to create customizable bitcoin cash tip cards, users need to visit the tips.bitcoin.com section of our website and select “get started.” From this “tips management” section, a user needs to fill out the custom information in order to create a new tip card. First, add one of your bitcoin cash addresses so any unused funds can be returned to that address after expiration. Below that window is a form to enter an email address, which is used for tip activation notifications only (so you’ll know when a tip has been redeemed).

Express Your Gratitude With Bitcoin.com's New Refunding Tip Generator
There is also a statistics page of all the activated Bitcoin.com tips.

Following the return sender BCH address and the email for notifications, users customize the amount of funds added to each tip and the number of tips as well. The gratuities can be denominated in three different currencies which include USD, EUR, and GBP. A custom message can also be added to the ticket. Lastly, BCH tip card creators can add an expiration period for redemption of either one day, thirty days, three months, six months, or one year. So, even if a BCH tip card gets thrown in the trash, the funds are returned to the sender. After entering all of the custom information, simply press “check out” and the process will be completed. If the tip creator does not want to print out the tips, they can send a BCH gratuity by email using the tips.bitcoin.com system.

A Simple Service for a Unique Form of Gratuity

Express Your Gratitude With Bitcoin.com's New Refunding Tip GeneratorThe process is so easy you can print a stack of cards and give out small fractions of bitcoin cash to everyone you know. Individuals redeeming the tips do not need to be tech-savvy to retrieve the cryptocurrency. All it takes is following some simple instructions on how to download a BCH wallet.

The last month of the year is the time of the year when people around the world give the most. Bitcoin.com thinks giving bitcoin cash away is great any time of the year, but the season of giving is a great start.

What do you think about tips.bitcoin.com? Let us know what you think about this service in the comments section below.

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