Acquaint – Decentralizing Real World Asset Trading

Acquaint - Decentralizing Real World Asset Trading

How Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology and Virtual Reality Is Disrupting The $220 Trillion Global Property Market.
Since the turn of the millennium, real estate has doubled the performance of the S&P 500. Unfortunately, real estate is notoriously illiquid and is too expensive for average investors. Aided by Blockchain Adoption Comes a New Scenario: You’re a newly minted bitcoinaire after the dramatic cryptocurrency surge, and now you want to diversify your crypto assets.
Real estate is a good way to diversify your investment into something tangible, but you don’t want to go through the hassle and expenses of transferring your investments to fiat currency.
Comes along Acquaint.
Acquaint is a P2P asset trading platform leveraging blockchain technology to provide an on-chain trading platform with real-time settlements, well suited for quickly transferring bitcoin wealth into hard  assets.
“To [digital assets users], holding just crypto is like holding everything in one basket, so users are looking to diversify through purchases into established markets like real estate. They will use us because it’s an easier way to diversify their portfolio and use crypto effortlessly,” Acquaint CEO Kudzaishe Munangi told Startup365.

The eBay of Real Estate ?
“Bitcoin is transferred on blockchain. There are millions of people transferring value on blockchain, and we can see this happening for Real Estate too” Munangi said. “We are transferring property ownership as a value on the Ethereum blockchain. And we aim to build a government-compliant system, where ownership will be governed by  a distributed ledger system, and governments will only set up regulations and receive notifications about deals and taxes in realtime.
This will open up cross border investments, cure corruption and ‘dead capital’ of unrecorded land in developing countries.”
Understandably, this could have huge disruptive potential for both the real estate industry as well as legitimizing the use of blockchain in real-world applications. Acquaint, which has been called the Ebay of Real Estate is also working on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality to simplify the process of finding a new home and managing properties.
AI is at a stage in which machine learning capabilities have become seriously impressive, but far from sentient. “Advanced machine learning helps property managers find new tenants, conduct valuations and virtual tours aided wit bots, locate cost-efficient vendors, and proactively recommend maintenance and management tasks. At the same time, tenants can pay rent online with minimal fees and report issues through a convenient chatbot feature, perfect for managing large buildings” added the CEO.

Acquaint Token ICO Begins 20 January 2018(12 pm EST).
The company is launching an ICO to leap frog into the property market. The Acquaint token sale will begin on January 20, but investors contributing greater than 10 ETH have the opportunity to participate in the pre-sale currently running with a contribution of 1Eth returning 9 000 QAT tokens. During the ICO, investors will be able to acquire tokens at the rate of 6 520 QAT per 1 ETH until the investment cap of $9 million has been reached.
Acquaint tokens are 100% asset-backed, with the utility of asset settlements, minimizing the price volatility associated with most cryptocurrencies. Acquaint aims to further decrease fluctuations by using 60% – 70% of funds raised to advance real estate asset acquisition and establish a Acquaint token price floor. Consequently, Acquaint tokens are a great way to diversify your crypto-portfolio.

Looking Ahead.
“It goes without saying that huge layoffs wouldn’t be a great outcome for real estate agents. Our best move is to anticipate and own the disruption in a way that supports the industry instead of depleting it. This means we will use tech as an opportunity to be more competitive and strengthen the human side of the business, which involves customer service, emotional intelligence, and relationship-building as we set up shop in major cities around the world” said Kudzaishe.
This project is poised to disrupt global property investments, so get in on the ground floor by participating in the ICO beginning January 20, or the pre-sale, which is already under way.
There’s a lot to look forward to in the world of real estate, blockchain technology, AI and VR. Don’t expect a robot to show you an apartment just as yet, but expect this technology to match you with spaces after learning your preferences. Expect it to target relevant real estate marketing in your direction. Expect it to answer questions, find you a roommate, and provide the hard numbers to match realtors’ soft skills. The distributed ledger system(blockchain) is also expected to significantly reduce the risk of dishonest recordkeeping in mortgage processing, an issue that contributed heavily to the 2008 housing bubble.
More than anything else, expect change and enjoy it while it’s on the greener side of the picket fence.
To learn more about the Acquaint project, read the Acquaint’s whitepaper, contact them on Acquaint’s Telegram, or follow them on Acquaint’s Twitter.
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