#Asia 11 apps to help you find love (or solace) on Single’s Day


You don’t have to fly solo on November 11 with the help of these dating platforms

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One used to be the loneliest number, until we entered the era of dating apps. With a quick swipe, it is possible to go from single-dom to couple-dom. Or at least it guarantees a night out, for better or worse. Here are 11 apps to find company (if you want) should you be in Asia during China’s Single’s Day.

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1. Blindfold: For those embarrassed to be outed on a dating platform


Image Credit: Blindfold

Don’t want people to know you’re getting online help in the love department? As the name suggests, Singapore-based Blindfold is probably your discrete, go-to dating app. At 9 AM every day, Blindfold will send a quality match selected just for you.

Expect to see everything you would on a traditional dating app, except for your match’s face and identity. Think Batman. Only after chatting in a private chatroom can you disclose photos to one another, and only when you feel comfortable.

2. Blued: For LGBT groups

China’s biggest LGBT app, with over 15 million users worldwide to boot, Blued started up in 2012 and subsequently launched Danlan.org, which became the biggest gay website in China. Blued is an all-in-one messaging forum and dating app and raised over US$30 million in funding in October 2014.

In any case, Blued takes on domineering Western apps Grindr and Scruff and adds a different shade into the mixture.

3. Coffee Meets Bagel: For those who think patience is a virtue

If your adage is more quantity over quality, then Coffee Meets Bagel is your cup of tea.

Founded by Korean-American sisters and dubbed “the only dating app that women love,” Coffee Meets Bagel isn’t about flipping through dozens of profiles for pure perusal. Instead, this breakfast-conjuring app serves up one match a day, based on an algorithm that involves connections through Facebook.

If you can’t find a match on a particular day or if both parties both don’t agree to meet, users must wait another 24 hours to meet their next coffee date. Following the app’s success in the US, Coffee meets Bagel hit Hong Kong markets in March of 2015.

4. Grouvly: Group dating, to take the pressure off

Image Credit: Grouvly

Image Credit: Grouvly

Three is the lucky number to get into the game for Hong Kong-based blind group date app Grouvly. The premise is as follows: You and two other friends join together, and meet on a group date with three other people who’ve done the same thing. Grouvly arranges the venue and date.

Meet people you ordinarily wouldn’t — and if there’s a reason why that’s the case — you have two extra backups you can lean on should things sour.

After starting out in Hong Kong, Grouvly launched in Singapore in June 2015 and is planning on hitting other countries in Asia.

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5. Jaha: A two-in-one, turn your workout into a date

Image Credit: Jaha
Here’s some multi-tasking, in a healthy way: meet someone while working out. Jaha is a location-based fitness friend finder, which connects users with common fitness goals and helps them schedule fitness dates.

The self-dubbed “Tinder for Fitness” platform first rolled out the iOS app in the US, then launched in Hong Kong, with plans to hit Singapore, Taipei, and mainland China by the end of the year.

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6. Mat & Minah

In Malay, Mat means “young man” and Minah means “young woman”). This boy-meets-girl app is for Malaysians and Muslims looking to find a convenient way to meet, sharing similar ideologies and backgrounds.

7. Momo: Mo’ candidates, mo’ chances

Beijing-based Momo has evolved much since its initial start in 2011. Though the name and origin initially took on a more hook-up approach (Momo in Chinese means “touch touch”) this is perhaps one of mainland China’s biggest and most successful apps.

According to the company, the number of monthly active users on Momo reached 78.1 million in March 2015. Momo also has group chats where people with similar hobbies can get together in more wholesome manners.

8. Paktor: Tinder alternative for the East


Image Credit: Paktor

Packtor doesn’t need much of an introduction, as it’s often compared to its Western counterpoint, Tinder. Singapore-based Paktor get its name from a slang term in Cantonese, meaning “dating.”

Like Tinder, users have to register on the app via Facebook, and in order to chat with another user, both parties have to swipe right on each other.

Launched in 2013, Paktor is also available in nine other countries in Asia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.

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9. Peekawoo: Keep it clean and PG

Before being able to chat with someone, you need to match on 3 out of 5 questions. That’s one of the differentiations of Phillipine-based Peekawoo, which prioritises getting to know each other.

Peekawoo also sets itself apart from the masses by organising offline events for its members.

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10. Tantan: China’s Tinder clone

Image Credit: Tantan

Image Credit: Tantan

Basically the concept is exactly the same as Tinder, so the benefit is that you won’t have to learn anything new, except maybe Chinese.

Notably, Tantan received US$5 million in Series A funding this year, led by German media company .

10. Woo: Single in Indonesia

Since India-based Doubleyou launched dating-app Woo in Indonesia in October, the app has been downloaded 10,000 times. Geared towards young urban professionals looking for serious relationships,

Woo users must use Facebook to sign up, and Woo vets its users for honesty. For instance, filter out those that should not be on, Woo assures its users that “married folks are kept out and genuine, hopeful singles get in.”

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