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Here’s our newest round-up of the featured startups on our site this week. If you have startup tips or story suggestions, feel free to email us. Enjoy this week’s list!

1. Evolable Asia | Japan

Tokyo-based startup Evolable Asia runs three popular online travel portals of its own. An additional 600 domestic travel sites use its in-house technology to power their own flight, hotel, and tour package searches.

2. Insider | Turkey (Startup Profile)

Istanbul-based Insider describes itself as a “predictive marketing technology company,” and offers a SaaS product helping businesses increase sales conversion and revenue. Its services are used by over 200 paying enterprise clients, including the likes of MasterCard, Ebay, and AVIS.

3. U-Hop | Philippines (Startup Profile)

Similar to Uber and its ilk, u-Hop allows commuters to book rides through its website and app. However, unlike Uber, U-Hop makes use of shuttles, which can seat seven to 12 passengers per trip. All trips are scheduled in advance, and fares are paid the same way. Prices are fixed at a monthly rate and is way cheaper than a roundtrip by taxi or a normal shuttle. This startup was also the winner of our recent Arena pitch battle at Tech in Asia Jakarta 2015.

4. Gingercrush | India (Startup Profile)

Vadodara-based Gingercrush lets customers instantly shop, create, or customize products to fit their personal style and taste. On offer are T-shirts, coffee mugs, homeware, mobile phone covers, and more – with the promise of a personal touch, a photograph, or a text message.

5. Hello English | India)

Hello English is an app that teaches English to speakers of 15 different Indian languages. It is designed with adults in mind who are learning English as a second language. Besides 250 built-in lessons for a user, it also uses games, virtual conversations, and, for more experienced users, the news to teach English and create a higher level of engagement.

6. ShopandBox | Australia (Startup Profile)

Melbourne-based personal shopping startup ShopandBox helps its users – or Shoppers – buy items that are either not available in their country or are available but at a much higher price.

7. AppVirality | India (Startup Profile)

AppVirality is a growth hacker for mobile apps. This Hyderabad-based startup (headquartered in San Francisco) has a plug-and-play DIY toolkit which makes it easy for app developers and marketers to try out one hack after another, track results, and see what works best for their app.

8. Quiver | New Zealand (Startup Profile)

Quiver is a nifty startup that is trying to bring the augmented reality experience to coloring. Users download and print content from the Quiver site, fill it with any colors they fancy, and then hover the Quiver app over it to watch their drawings come to life.

9. Letsee | South Korea (Startup Profile)

Letsee Beer uses your smartphone camera to scan the labels and shapes of beer bottles and cans (no draught, though). It brings up the beer’s basic info, plus hashtagged descriptions and reviews that other users have left to help you determine whether the brew is worth a try.

10. Spacemarket | Japan

Spacemarket is an Airbnb for event spaces that emphasizes unique venues far beyond your standard banquet hall – like a private island or, yes, an entire theme park.

11. Anchanto | Singapore (Startup Profile)

Singapore-based startup Anchanto plugs traditional logistics firms into ecommerce through its software and knowhow, instead of purely renting its own warehouse space. . It now helps 380 sellers deliver goods to customers, and another 40 brands to get their products listed on various online marketplaces in the region. It also helps 160 ecommerce stores manage cross-border deliveries.

12. Zilingo | Thailand

Thailand-based Zilingo is a mobile-first online marketplace that allows merchants to list their inventory, set their prices, and fulfill online orders. The company merchant services include shipping, packaging, payment options, an analytics dashboard for mobile, order tracking, refund and cancellation options, and consultation on pricing strategy.

12. Tripvisto | Indonesia (Startup Profile)

Tripvisto is a marketplace that works directly with global and local travel agencies and tour operators to offer tour and activity packages. It targets Indonesia’s emerging middle class, both those traveling abroad to explore other countries and those travelling within Indonesia.

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