#Asia 3 Echelon stages perfect for epic mic drops this 2016


Awesome Echelon stages for an awesome community. Keep a lookout for not one, not two, but three of these epic stages!

Echelon stages

After last year’s success at Echelon Asia Summit 2015, we thought long and hard about focusing this year’s Echelon on our vision to empower our fellow startups and investors in the ecosystem. Bringing passion into everything we do, we designed our stages to reflect how far we’ve come, the struggles we’re all going through, and how we can hope and dream for the future — all mixed with an element of fun and surprise.

While celebrating entrepreneurship, we recognise that dialogue and open discussion is important for all our attendees to fully enjoy themselves at Echelon Asia Summit, so these three stages have strived to reflect this as close as possible. Take a look:

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CREATE: May the best startup win. #TOP100Games

We all have heroes we look up to and have heavily influenced who we are today. One such hero is Muhammad Ali, who strives to ‘float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’ when faced with obstacles. Our TOP100 startups will feel the same excitement and get pumped while pitching on our CREATE stage, live from an actual boxing ring!

The announcement of the TOP100 winner shall also take place here, dramatic emcee proclamations may or may not be included. We’re also going to have eye-popping speeches from our speakers held at the ring, which may bring you some nostalgic memories of those thrilling WWE storylines. Bring your boxing gloves or signs of support, but definitely save for voice for the startups you’re going to cheer for!

BUILD & REACH: Open up your mind (heart and soul, a plus).

If you’ve already built up a sweat and exhausted yourself cheering for your startup, go ahead and take a breather at our BUILD & REACH stage, fashioned after TED, a non-profit organisation that inspires its growing global community by promoting education and innovation through its insightful videos. At this stage, you will find speakers talking about these selected topics — Big Data, analytics, smart cities, IoT, cloud tech, product management and intuitive UI/UX design.

Find yourself a nice comfy spot while you’re here, and perhaps you’ll be seated beside a highly-trained marketing manager, a professional yet laid back product and development professional, or even one of those ‘stealth’ startups.

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FUTURE: Gear up for those predictions!

Can you predict what we’re going to do for this stage? We’re bringing that Top Gear intensity onto our FUTURE stage, because this stage is all about breaking limits and going full throttle. Come with high hopes, as we’re setting the spotlight on key influencers in both Asia and Silicon Valley, tech visionaries and industry heavyweights!

Expect everyone and anyone in the conference to eventually end up here, because we all want to know what’s the road of the future. Be inspired by fireside chats on big ideas, future industry trends, breakthrough stories, and those tear-jerking and empowering rags-to-riches features.

Connect, listen, learn and have fun. That’s what Echelon is all about. See you soon at the Singapore Expo!

Feeling excited and inspired about our Echelon stages? Come on down to Echelon Asia Summit 2016 this 15-16 June, and experience them for yourself! But first, secure your seats with a 20% discount on us, use the promo code SUMMIT20 upon checkout.

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