#Asia 4 handy tips on delivering quality web experience to customers


Graeme Beardsell, Managing Director of Asia Pacific & Japan, Akamai Technologies  handed out bite-sized tips to help businesses optimise their web platform


“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises…We are dependent on him…He is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so.”

This quote by Kenneth B Elliot, Vice President of Sales for The Studebaker Corporation is a principle by which many customer relations and HR executives live by, and was the opener to Graeme Beardsell, Managing Director of Asia Pacific & Japan of content delivery network (CDN) services provider Akamai Technologies presentation on optimising the web experience for customers, at the Echelon Asia Summit 2016.

Beardsell stressed the importance of  prioritising a smooth, fast and stable web experience, with more industries — such as healthcare, government, banking, education, retail, gaming — migrating their services online.

“Expectations of customers are enormous. They want their data to be secure and to be very fast. The consumer experience is shaped by leaders of the Internet,” said Beardsell.

Here are four bite-sized takeaways from his presentation you can use to optimise your website..


Besides algorithms and SEO links; speed matters too.

Citing a Walmart survey, Beardsell said that every 100ms less your website takes to load, your revenue growth increases by one per cent. He also said that making your site faster can improve your search ranking on Google.


Security on the Internet is paramount. Customers do not want to be hacked and held ransom for their personal data.

“The amount of threats online is very significant. Hund reds of people hack the web every day. Attacks on demolish a business overnight. It does not matter how big your business is, security on the Internet really does matter,” said Beardsell.

Companies need to install software that would be able to respond to attacks fast. Beardsell said Akamai Technologies’s Kona Site Defender can decrease attack response time by 80 per cent.


Once your website starts gaining more traction, it needs to be able to scale to accommodate customers not only within your country’s borders, but also internationally.

At the same time, scaling cannot be achieved at the cost of reliability. If you want to deliver value to customers, it needs to reliable 24/7 so that customers return.

“You need to be able to grow rapidly, but at the same time, you need to be able to keep your old customers and avoid churn,” said Beardsell.

Operational efficiency

At the end of the day, running a stable, fast, secure website that can scale is crucial to achieving high customer growth, but it must be accomplished through cost-effective means. Businesses need to seek out providers that can deliver such services, but at the same time maintain sustainable profitability in the long run.

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