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Last week’s funded startups in Japan were spread across some pretty different fields: recruiting, construction, blockchain, and crowdsourcing. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Sekai Lab by Monstar Lab

Sekai Lab is a software development crowdsourcing platform by Monstar Lab.

The company’s clients can request development of a certain part of a phone app or computer application, and have Sekai Lab’s global team handle the request. Clients have the ability to communicate with the outsourced team so that they can oversee progress and make sure the finished product meets their needs. The company has a massive network, with over 800 employees across Asia.

Monstar Lab announced receiving US$6.4 million in funding late last week.


Nayuta is developing several projects related to blockchain and the Internet of Things.

The startup’s main project has been Hawker, a program that uses video analysis and sensors to gather data about customer behavior and inventory changes. Nayuta has recently announced its desire to move into the blockchain field, or “internet of money” as the company terms it. Their current project is making power sockets for public use that can charge the user for the power used through blockchain.

The startup received just under US$1.3 million in investments last week, reports The Bridge.

Suke-Dachi Kun by Tokyo Rocket

Suke-Dachi Kun is an app for hiring construction workers developed by Tokyo Rocket.

According to the CEO of Tokyo Rocket, Suke-Dachi kun aims to overcome the very particular tradition of “enclosures” in the Japanese construction industry. In an interview with TechCrunch, CEO Yoichi Waga says that “during the busiest season in construction, project heads ‘enclose’ talented workers so that other employers can’t send them information or requests for work.” Because of this, the startup aims to break through the enclosure and allow job info for construction projects to be easily sent and received.

Tokyo Rocket raised just under US$460,000 in funds, the company announced.

Job Calorie by Be-netz

Job Calorie is an Okinawa-based job matching site developed by Be-netz.

In Okinawa, where recruitment and job search materials are still mostly analog, there are only five recruitment magazines. Job Calorie provides on of the first exclusively digital job forums in Okinawa. One of the site’s selling points is a “celebration money” feature, where job applicants receive if they get a job.

The company received an investment from the Okinawa Times in a seed round last week, but the amount of funds raised was not made public.

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