#Asia 4 social startups that make life better with a marriage between tech and social impact


Social startups. Because solving the world’s problems need not be a task only for governments.

social startups

Contrary to the usual impression, startups hinged on social causes are not just charity machineries but can also be profitable, sustainable, and scalable ventures.

In Asia, social startups that focus on addressing issues like food wastage, underemployement, and the like are growing in number and play an important role in connecting various enterprises, groups, and even governments in creating solutions with social impact.

We took a peek into the e27 startups channel and found these 4 social startups:


1. Grub Cycle

The Grub Cycle is a social enterprise that addresses food wastage by creating a platform to purchase surplus food at bargain price. Vendors (currently mostly cafes) use the mobile app to list surplus food which users can purchase at discounted rates. Apart from that, Grub Cycle also has an in-house chef that develops recipes using fruits and vegetable that are edible but are not visually sellable that would otherwise end up in the garbage. The startup use part of its profits in subsidising basic food cost for lower income communities.

Location: Malaysia



2. Kreanovator

A community of social innovators, creators, and investors collaborating to give strategic consulting and coaching to governments, business, and non-profit organisations about social innovation and new product development.

Location: Indonesia


3. Magis Solutions

A social enterprise that provides IT and Marketing services to the Development Sector – NGOs, foundations, social enterprises – at radical discounts with the goal of enabling cause-oriented organisations to be more efficient and effective. Magis Solutions also offer services to businesses and enterprises at regular market rates.

Location: Philippines


4. Leaderonomics

A social enterprise with the sole purpose of transforming the nation through leadership development. They have a goal of bringing leadership development to the remotest parts of developing nations to ensure that tools and processes that enable building communities is provided to aspiring leaders.

Location: Malaysia


Your startup missing from the list? Head to the e27 startups channel to add, claim, or update your startup’s profile.

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