#Asia 5 apps to help restart that already failed new year’s resolution


These five apps will help you keep your resolution running through the year, whether it is to learn a new language, save money or travel more

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We’re well into 2016 and by now many people have given up on their new year’s resolution. But rather than waste that gym membership or start splurging on unnecessary purchases, there are solutions. These five applications will make it easier to lose weight, learn a new skill, or take an interesting trip.



For the person looking to get rid of their unwieldy filing cabinet, there’s Docady.

Docady, an iOS app, is a digital file storage system that keeps important documents safe. The system retrieves information by having the user take photos of important documents or by searching cloud storage that they already have. The photo method uses a smart scan, which collects the important information and files it, making the job of uploading documents easy and productive. The filing system allows for separation of documents based on type and which family member it belongs to.

Obviously the biggest concern with apps like this is the security of the document. Docady promises the highest security standards, similar to those used for military, government, or banking systems.

Level Money

Level money

There are plenty of finance trackers out there. However, many of them are unwieldy and after a few days, make the user want go out and spend their money out of spite. Level Money wants to take away some of that stress.

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The app, available on iOS and Android, connects the users’ bank and credit card accounts and monitors their spending habits, which it then uses to make a budget. By tracking where exactly money is being spent in easy-to-read formats, the app allows its users to plan accordingly. After tallying what needs to be spent on bills, auto payments and other expenses, the app then presents the amount that the user has available in spendable cash in daily, weekly and monthly increments.



If learning a new language is your resolution for 2016, then Memrise is the app to look at. This language learning product works with both Android and iOS, and unlike other software like Rosetta Stone, is free.

The app works by encoding the language into memories, basically helping the user remember specific words by connecting them to memories with interesting facts, videos, photos, or sample sentences. Doing so allows the user to comprehend the language they are learning better, and remember words.

The app also reinforces the remembered words so that the memories don’t fade over time. It does this by setting reminders to go back and review already studied material, further ensuring the user’s knowledge.



A common failed resolution is to be healthier, whether that means going to the gym or eating better. It’s a difficult one to keep, especially when unhealthy practices are just so damn tempting and getting to the gym physically hurts. However, there is one thing which hurts more: when your wallet loses weight.

That’s the concept behind Pact. Users on iOS and Android devices commit to weekly goals in three categories. They can promise to eat more veggies, exercise or move 30 minutes a day, or log their meals on MyFitnessPal. If the user fails to complete their pact, the app charges them a small fee. This is the carrot and stick mentality for encouraging successful behavior. It’s not all stick though. If they manage to complete their pacts, they are paid a small reward, which comes from the money that was taken from those who failed.

In essence, the slimmer you get, the fatter your wallet does.

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Just Ahead

Just ahead

While most people add traveling to their list of resolutions, many of them tend to avoid the classic American road trip — and for good reason. They tend to be long, boring and cramped, with at least one passenger continuously asking, “Are we there yet?” If you should find yourself on one though, and are at your wit’s end, rather than pull a Clark Griswold and drive off the road you should use Just Ahead.

Just Ahead is an iOS and Android GPS travel companion with an added bonus. The app comes loaded with 23 trips that provide audio guides and stories about the many places you’ll see on your road trip, with stories written by award-winning travel writers. The app even works offline by downloading the desired trip, negating the need for Wi-Fi or data to provide direction and knowledge. This makes the trip an adventure, and not just the transportation to the destination.

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