#Asia 5 Indonesian apps for the upcoming Regional Election


Regional Election is coming on December 9, and these apps are designed to make voting more seamless – and fun

Image Credit: Gratisography.com

Image Credit: Gratisography.com

On December 9, Indonesians residing outside of the capital Jakarta will vote for the regional officials who will lead them for the next five years in the country’s first ever nationwide Simultaneous Regional Election (Pilkada Serentak).

To integrate digital elements in the process, the General Election Commission (KPU) held app development competition Apps Challenge: Code for Vote 4.0 in Jakarta on November 8.

With 41 participants, the competition was meant to look for innovative solutions to help voters make smart decisions for the election. Apart from the main category, the competition also gives special awards for Women, Disability and Visionary products.

e27 compiled these notable apps from the competition.

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1. Pilkadanesia

Pilkadanesia (1)-fin
Made by Malang-based app developer startup Rimbunesia, Pilkadanesia is the first champion for the main category of Apps Challenge.

The main purpose of the app is to introduce voters to the candidates representing their region, complete with their profile and programme. Once the election happens, it will also feature real-time results for voters to monitor.

The app has a simple and colourful user interface that makes it easier for voters of all background to use.

2. Blindformation

Blindformation (1)
This app helps visually-impaired voters to seek information about the candidates. Utilising audio system — think Siri — voters are able to listen to information about candidates with or without the help of an assistant.

The voice for the audio system strongly resembles a common Indonesian accent.

Blindformation is the brainchild of Derta Isyajora Rakhman, an undergraduate student at the School of Computer Science of Gadjah Mada University in Jogjakarta.

The app won a special category for Disability in the Apps Challenge competition. It is available across different platforms from iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac and even Linux.

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3. Gerbang Pilkada

This one is for the ladies. Gerbang Pilkada (“Gate to Pilkada”) is a web app that aims to help women make smart decisions for the election.

Apart from giving basic information about candidates and Pilkada in general, it has a special section that discusses candidates’ policy on gender empowerment – or lack of it.

The app also has a feature to inform voters on the gender proportion of candidates representing each region.

It is created by an all-women developer group M2M, short for Mamah Mamah Muda (“Young, Hot Mamas”). The app won the special category for Women.

4. Unfair

Unfair (1)-fin
As the name suggested, Unfair aims to help voters report violations during Pilkada. Made by app developer Inoavtivo Inc., the app works together with Election Supervisory Committee of Surabaya (Panwaslu Surabaya).

To report, users only have to upload photos and include detailed information about the violation. The report will then be forwarded to Panwaslu Surabaya for follow up, a mechanism similar to the Governor of Jakarta’s Qlue.

Unfortunately, the app is only available for use in Surabaya. It did not win any award in the competition.

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5. Menuju TPS

Now this is the fun part. Menuju TPS is a mobile casual game that aims to spread the message of how to be a responsible voter through a fun mechanism.

The game is in the format of an ‘endless run’ game, where players try to get the highest score while facing different kinds of obstacles.

It follows the story of a young voter named Aldi, who is in a hurry to get into voting location. Along the road, he meets obstacles in form of a candidate’s supporter who tries to bribe him and a neighbour who refuses to use his right to vote.

The game is developed by Yulita Ayu Rengganis and Abudzar Ali, students of Game Technology and Information Engineering major in Surabaya State Electronics Polytechnic.

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