#Asia 5 live streaming apps every sports geek should look out for


These apps will give iPhone users the privilege of keeping up with the latest sports news, scores, predictions, statistics and so much more


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Sports are a great way to bring people together. Whether it is watching them, playing them or “fantasising” about them (i.e. Fantasy Football), when we talk about sports the feeling of togetherness and a team permeates the mind. No matter the day or time there is always a good game (of some sort or the other) to watch on TV.

However, not all of us have the luxury of sitting in front of the television watching ESPN all day long. Thank goodness for amazing sports apps, which allow those of us who have to be away from the tube to watch sports online.

There are numerous sports apps available to iPhone and Android users alike that make it so you never have to miss that big game.

For the purpose of this post, the apps we are sharing will give iPhone users the privilege of keeping up with the latest sports news, scores, predictions, statistics and so much more. If you are a sports fanatic, here are five live streaming apps you should be taking advantage of.

App #1: 365 Scores

Regardless of your sports of preference, 365 Scores has you covered. Football, tennis, rugby, baseball, volleyballs, hockey, basketball, soccer, you name it –- you will find it on 365 Scores app. Use this app to customise your own personalised sports homepage (or rather channel) that will allow you to stay up to date with the latest on all of your favourite sports teams.

The app will provide you with updates, scores, news, etc. as soon as five minutes after they happen. The app will negate the need to search around for relevant information as it pertains to your favourite teams. Additionally, the app offers a sports TV guide feature so you will always know when and where to find your favourite game!

The app has great features including:

  • A live TV guide coverage feature
  • Detailed info on nine of the most popular sports standings, worldwide
  • Ability to view highlights as soon as five minutes after they happen
  • Ability to personalise to suit individual preferences
  • Up to date postings of stats and scores

App #2: YipTV

Here you will gain access to a global network of desirable sports online streaming like bein sports, of which will be available to you in a variety of languages. Stay informed with what is going on in world sports anytime, anywhere.

If you are a sports fanatic keeping up to date with the latest on your teams is obviously imperative. The apps mentioned are the best for live sports streaming. They offer you free access to live breaking news, sports injury reports, fantasy picks, score updates, live TV streaming and so much more. Never miss your favourite team play or a huge world game again. Download one of these live streaming sports TV apps and you will be set no matter where you go.

App #3: Sports Stream HD

The Sports Stream HD app is a great way to watch sports online live. Never miss a live world sports event again with this app. With this free app, that does not require the install of another app, you can keep up to date with a wide array of sports including:

  • Live football
  • Live volleyball
  • Live tennis
  • Live baseball
  • Live darts
  • Live basketball
  • Live soccer
  • Live rugby
  • Live ice hockey
  • Live boxing
  • Live handball and so much more!

App #4: WatchESPN

WatchESPN has the best compilation of sports news, updates, fantasy picks, live TV streaming and much more. The app is free and offers customisable options to suit each sport fanatic’s preferences. Log on and select favourite teams to avoid sifting through undesirable content.

From then on receive updates about your favourite teams. This eliminates the need to spend useless hours searching for news pieces, scores, fantasy picks, etc. regarding your teams. Clips from Sports Center, breaking news posts, tweets and access to endless sports blogs. You name it and you can find it on WatchESPN.

App #5: Livestream

Livestream offers users the ability to enjoy an array of sports features, right from their mobile devices via a convenient and specialised app. The app offers features that allow sports fanatics to enjoy live sports coverage, conferences, news, music and other live streaming sports events from their phone. This app offers a string of awesome features that makes it perfect for any die-hard sports fan.

Here are just a few:

  • Worldwide coverage of popular sporting events
  • Ability to personalise pages so you receive notifications that you are interested in
  • Follow your favourite sports teams ad your friend’s
  • Post live videos for friends to see

Did we forget one? If you know of any other excellent apps for streaming that other sports fans should know about, then please share. We would love to hear from you!

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