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Want your sales team to be more productive, close deals faster and be on top of everything? Check out these tools to make daily tasks easier


With each passing day, the world is getting more and more automation-dependent. People now want everything at their fingertips and are increasingly becoming hesitant to leave the cozy comforts of their surroundings.

The same can be said about the field of Sales. That is, the advantages of internet, the advantages of digitisation has affected the salespeople as well.

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They no longer want to go out into the field to do selling. More and more salespeople are preferring to offer their clients/customers a single platform that contains all the required sales tools. Or at least a single tool which is a collaboration of many other sales tools.

Try these five tools for your startup sales team:

 1. MindTickle


MindTickle is a category defining “sales readiness” platform. MindTickle looks at sales and customer readiness as an extension of the sales or service process itself.

MindTickle aims to provide an all-in-one Saas platform that enables fast growing organisations to implement an efficient, engaging and effective process across Onboarding, Ongoing Refreshers, Periodic Updates and (Re)certification such that the business leaders can ensure that their customer-facing teams are always on top of their game.

Main features of MindTickle:

  • MindTickle is a platform that combines the benefits of social, mobile, cloud and gamification.
  • MindTickle enables companies to organise and transform existing documents, presentations, videos and content in all common formats into easy to consume bite sized mobile friendly modules.
  • The intelligent filters and data integration with platforms such as SFDC ensure that the right information is available and accessible to the field reps and inside sales teams, meant for shorter sales cycles and to help the team win more deals.

 2. SalesHandy


SalesHandy is a Sales Engagement Platform for Data focused sales teams. SalesHandy interprets the engagement level of prospects & helps Inside Sales Team close deals faster. SalesHandy consists of features like Email Tracking, Mail Merge, Email Campaigns, Email Templates, Document Sharing & Tracking, Live Pitch & Screen Share.

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All of these features are intended to make salespeople achieve high productivity and help the sales team reduce sales cycle time, increase closure rate and also revenue. SalesHandy is basically a tool which collects behavioural insights and presents them in an actionable format.

Main features of SalesHandy:

  • Email Tracking: SalesHandy helps you track your mail and also provides you with real-time unlimited notifications. These notifications include information about when the recipient is opening your mail and also the time spent on each of your mail. SalesHandy provides integration with Gmail and Outlook.
  • Document Sharing And Tracking: Send, present and track sales collateral along with the required analytics. This platform-cum-tool is also highly flexible as far as adding and updating is concerned.
  • Live Meetings: Share your screen or present your slides so that you can give a demonstration to your clients, thereby eliminating the need to meet them in person. 
  • Email Campaigns & Analytics: Send your email to multiple recipients with tracking metrics.
  • Mail Merge: Allows bulk upload of emails & lets you send personalised email campaigns to your prospects and ultimately filter out the most interested audience.
  • Contact/List Management: Import & organise the contacts using CSV or Gmail / Outlook integration.

 3. Hiver


Hiver is a powerful multi-featured collaboration tool aimed at improving internal communication and optimising work performance in an organisation. Their inboxes contain essential emails with information crucial to running a business.

They extensively use email for many purposes such as to delegate tasks, monitoring tasks, pitch sales, provide customer service etc. Hiver is designed to completely integrate with your inbox and help simplify the many activities we undertake via email.

Main features of Hiver:

  • Hiver enables users to share the labels in Gmail with other users and consequently, all the past and the future emails tagged with that label will get shared to the respective person.
  • The shared contacts feature allows you to share contact lists with your team, helping you maintain a centralised list of contacts.
  • The email snooze feature allows you to let non-priority emails come back to you at a later time.
  • The email schedule feature lets you schedule the time at which you want the email delivered.
  • The shared notes feature lets you leave notes on an email for others to see (much like sticky notes) etc.

 4. Sapience


Sapience Analytics provides a unique People Analytics @ Work solution. Sapience Buddy automatically captures your work patterns and habits, and provides a visual dashboard to better manage your time and become more efficient.

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For sales reps, Sapience Buddy records time spent in meetings, phone calls, travel and commute, prospecting and closing deals. Sales reps can set goals related to time on phone calls, meetings, email and so on, and their Buddy keeps track and guides them towards success.

Sapience integrates with SalesForce, your organisation ERP and executive dashboards.

Main features of Sapience:

  • The smart virtual assistant uses AI and adaptive learning techniques to help keep you on track and make you more productive.
  • Automatic capture of data to help you discover your work patterns and habits.
  • Assess and align your daily and weekly activities with account, lead and opportunity to improve your deal closure success rate.
  • Automated reports relating to travel/commute and phone calls by sales rep, account and opportunity.
  • Integrates with SalesForce to automatically update effort and activities for each opportunity and account. Similar integrations with your ERP, management tools and executive dashboards is possible.

 5. Knowlarity


Knowlarity is a cloud communications platform. Its cloud platform processes million calls an hour.  Knowlarity provides a suite of hosted products that makes business telephone reliable and intelligent. Its flagship products SuperReceptionist and SmartIVR can process over a million calls an hour.

Backed by Sequoia Capital and Mayfield, Knowlarity is headquartered in Singapore; and has offices located in India, Turkey, Dubai and the Philippines.

Main features of Knowlarity:

  • CRM Integration: Seamlessly integrate with most popular CRM softwares like FreshDesk, Salesforce, Zendesk and many others.
  • Real-time Analytics: Decipher your business and extract insights on how the last marketing campaign fared, source of leads, list of agents who miss calls and more.
  • Multi-Agent Access: Allows you to have complete control and access to the database, while your agents can only review their respective call logs, even in your brief absence. This secures customer information; and ensures clarity and focus in resolving customer service complaints.
  • Click-to-Call: An instant calling widget strategically placed on the website, email or ad campaigns intended to actively engage leads, boost conversion rates and measure ROI separately. Your prospects can request an immediate connect in real-time and a quick call will be bridged between the agent and prospect.
  • Multi-Level IVR: Enable voicemails or get up to 10 extensions and 10 agents for each extension to route calls intelligently and serve customers from any part of the world. Along with multi language IVR software, the call routing options allow customers to instantly get in touch with agents for quick feedback.

Try the free demos of the above-mentioned sales tools before you select the one you think is perfect for your sales team, and ultimately make your startup a champion when it comes to sales, conversion and subsequently revenue.

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