#Asia 5 Pokemon Go marketing strategies you can start from Day 1


Pokemon Go is currently available in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore


I’m assuming most of the e27 readers are from Asian countries. Currently, Pokemon Go is only available in the following countries in Asia: Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.

Pokemon Go isn’t even a week old and our Facebook news feed is flooded with all things Pokemon. While I’m super excited about playing as a consumer, I thought about marketers like me can use this fascinating digital trend for our advantage.

If you are interested in trying new marketing strategy, these are the three ways based on the popular game that you can use as your new marketing tool:

1. Provide tips from existing social channel

This one may sound like a typical tactic but I’m sure it will work. Use various social media channels that you already have to let people know what’s happening in your area.

For instance, if you or one of your customers catches a rare Pokemon at your location, it’s a great opportunity to post about it. Just as players MUST be walking around to find rare Pokemon everywhere, you’ll have to do the same thing to get some new potential customers coming in.

Since Pokemon Go offers app’s in-game camera to take pictures of Pokemon, the same thing can be applied with your business. Local businesses like restaurant, cafe, bar, co-working spaces or even events will have a huge advantage by photo sharing. Remember to include the location of your business.

2. Pokemon newsletter

If you have e-mail marketing or company newsletter, it may be interesting to say something like “This week’s Pokemon we found in our office” to make it seem fun and innovative. Be ahead of the game to surpass other companies.

3. Host battles program

This would be one of the most powerful strategies for local businesses: providing a place where people can battle. If you are a restaurant or gym, you can offer some incentives to the winner, like ‘free dinner or 1 day’ or ‘free fitness class’. One battle can lasts approximately 30 minutes. Chances are, they will likely be ordering a beer or food.

Encourage your colleagues to team up and establish your own team as a company. You can invite challengers as a fun way to attract customers in.

4. Provide charge-up station

Apparently, Pokemon Go consumes your phone battery pretty fast. While most Asian mobile phone users have charge-bank on their own, it may not be sufficient for heavy players. You can tie up with hosting programme to maximise your advantage to retain your customers.

Perhaps you can mention charge-up station as one of your services in your banner or brochure as well as in the website to attract more people.

5. Use Rare Pokemon as your killer marketing tool

Some of the Pokemons can only be found in a particular area. Players will be desperate to look for these Pokemons.

Let’s say you found a rare one in your area. You advertise about it once they set up or sign up or order or whatever your business want them to do on where they can find these rare Pokemon.

If you are reading this I highly recommend you to give the strategies a try from Day 1. It may be smart to prepare a new banner and brochure from now to get you ready. While your competitors are trying to figure it out what they can do, you are already ahead of the game.

It’s time for you to GO get your customers!

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