#Asia 5 SaaS startups exhibiting at TIA Jakarta 2017 and their cool ideas


Cloud computing is ubiquitous in the sharing economy we live in today, providing unparalleled convenience for businesses to store and share large volumes of data with minimal maintenance required.

Tech in Asia Jakarta 2017 puts the spotlight on five SaaS startups who have leveraged on the cloud to develop user-friendly services. Take a look at how they are disrupting traditional processes with their cloud-based solutions:

(Psst, all five of them will be showcasing their product this November 1 & 2 at Tech in Asia Jakarta!)

1. Owline Group

Owline Group

The amount of paperwork involved in stock taking and recording sales transactions have always been a huge pain point for business selling a wide range of products. This is why Owline has developed an integrated solution to ease the laborious process.

Kasir Pintar, otherwise known as ‘Smart Cashier’, is a Point of Sales mobile app designed to replace a desktop-based cashiering system for greater mobility. The mobile platform provides users with end-to-end visibility on store management, ranging from monitoring stock levels to generating expense reports. The mobile app also backs up store data to prevent frustrations resulting from data loss.

2. Gadjian


Regardless of industry, employee management is an integral component for any business. Gadjian, a resource management and cloud-based payroll application, allows lean enterprises to oversee key aspects of employee management. Gone are the days where you have to calculate employees’ salaries manually – Gadjian’s application can keep track of salary, attendance, and tax deductions, saving you time to focus on other business needs.

3. Gawean


Recruitment is a costly and time-consuming process for both businesses and prospective candidates alike. With both stakeholders in mind, Gawean has designed a job portal catered to blue-collared workers in the food & beverage, hospitality and retail industries. What makes Gawean different from other job portals is its use of a scoring system that assesses candidates’ resumes for companies, speeding up the process and improving success rates for a match between companies and job seekers.

4. Jubelio


The booming ecommerce industry has empowered more individuals to launch businesses online. For these budding entrepreneurs, Jubelio – a cloud-based tool for consolidating customer orders from various marketplaces – provides a central platform for order management. Business owners with physical presence can benefit from the multi-channel selling platform feature as well, since Jubelio automatically synchronizes all online and offline business transactions.

5. ITtron


First impressions matter, even more so in the digital sphere where elements of physical interaction are absent. Landing pages are crucial in making that first impression to drive conversions because it is often the first point of contact between businesses and prospective customers. Here’s where ITtron steps in with its user-friendly solutions for businesses who want to enhance their digital presence. ITtron specializes in building landing pages optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing. Each landing page is also integrated with autoresponder emails to nurture leads for email marketing follow-up.

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