#Asia 6 gadgets by Asian startups that would make great Christmas gifts


Not sure what to get for a loved one? Here are a few ideas featuring hardware startups present in this region

Tis’ the season to be … giving! Fa la la la la la la la la.

We have compiled a list of six (wonderful) gadgets made by Asia-based hardware startups that would bring a smile to the face of the person receiving these gifts. Do note that all of these products are ready for shipping, although it may not be available for you depending on location.

Here are the gifts… 

1. Darma

If you’re like us, the word ‘lifestyle’ is often preceded by the word ‘sedentary’. Though the standing work desk may have taken off worldwide, you were never really a fan. You love sitting down, be it at work, at home or at your parents’ house for a warm, hearty year-end dinner.


The Darma cushion

Meet Darma, a smart cushion that monitors posture, sitting habits, stress levels. Produced by a Singaporean startup, this cushy bum-warmer will also give you tips on how you can maintain an upright posture, and alert you when you have been sitting for too long, or when your stress levels are off the charts.

It is said to be shipping in this quarter, and you can buy it off the official website at a 10 per cent discount. Original retail price? US$199.

2. Duet

Know a scatterbrain? Or maybe you’re that friend who can’t seem to keep track of where things are. Duet, which is made by Protag, a Singaporean company, is a Bluetooth tracker that is usually available in five bright, sunny colours — orange, white, green, yellow and blue (which is currently out of stock).



The keychain-like tracking device can be tied to keys, your purse, an important bag, or a shoe bag which always seems to hide in some Bermuda Triangle. It also comes with a replaceable battery, which proves efficient when the previous one runs out of juice.

You can buy the gizmo here at US$29.99, but do note that Duet is also physically sold in many different countries, including Singapore, the US and Japan.

3. Zikto

So, maybe you don’t sit all that much. In fact, you prefer to get up in the morning to have a run, and conduct meetings with various team members while you walk around the neighbourhood, enjoying a bit of fresh air whenever you can. Luckily for you, we have found Zikto, a wearable wrist band posture tracker, made by an up-and-coming Korean startup.



Zikto alerts you with a gentle vibration on your wrist whenever you are sporting bad posture while walking. This can come in the form of hunching your back while looking down at your smartphone, or walking with your hands in your pockets.

For those interested, you can buy the wearable device here, which comes with a 10 per cent discount if you pay with LINE Pay. A basic Zikto product starts at US$149, and ships within three to five business days.

4. Sleepace

How well do you know your own body while you’re asleep? Chances are, probably not that well at all. Do you know whether you suffer from sleep issues like sleep apnea? How would you, unless someone else witnessing you grinding your teeth or experiencing temporary pauses in breathing tells you about these signs?

Woman sleeping with the smart sensor underneath her

Woman sleeping with the smart sensor band underneath her

Available in two colours — black and white — the Sleepace Reston sleep sensor is one that is fixed onto your bedsheet and turns on automatically. Made by a Chinese startup, the band-like sensor tracks sleep cycles, heart and respiratory rates and body movements, and can share this data with the user’s family members. It also provides the user with expert sleep guidance provided by a personal sleep consultant.

You can buy it on Amazon at US$149, with the promise of the gift making it before Christmas.

5. Makeblock’s mBot Educational Robot Kit 

Whether you’re buying this for a child or a friend you know is secretly a child at heart, the mBot Educational Robot Kit is a sure way to cheer up anyone’s dull, boring Christmas. Designed by a Chinese company, the kit is targetted at helping people learn STEM, short for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The mBot is currently retailing at US$74.99 here. It is made up of 38 assembly parts that can be put together in 10 minutes. Users can customise the robot’s functions using Scratch 2.0, which is a great way for beginners to learn more about computer programming. Basic pre-assembled functions include using the robot as a remote control car, for example.

6. Vibease

Maybe you happen to be in a long distance relationship with no chance of seeing your significant other this Christmas. Or perhaps you just want to pamper yourself. For all we know, you’re sick and tired of hearing a friend whine about his/her boring sex life (which is strangely open of them, but we can see it happening).

Fear not. Vibease, a smart vibrator, compatible with iOS and Android devices, may just be what you’re looking for. Developed and sold by a Singaporean company, the vibrator can even buzz in sync with erotic audiobooks and is waterproof.

You can buy it here for US$99. Want a pro-tip? Use the promo code “HOLIDAY” by January 3, 2016, to enjoy a 25 per cent discount. The order will take one business day to process, and four to eight business days to be delivered.

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