#Asia 7 signs you are addicted to online shopping


You are the reason why Southeast Asia is such a hotbed for e-commerce, but your bank account is begging you to stop


Shopping online has slowly become the norm for many urban Asians. They are buying everything from clothes to groceries to drones from the convenience of a mobile or desktop app.

While several e-commerce platforms specifically target women as their market, a recent survey by Singapore Polytechnic revealed that men are also into online shopping.

While it is often seen as a sign of progress and tech advancement, with governments even including the e-commerce subsector in their development plan, there are really times when too much is too much.

Here are the symptoms to tell whether you need to start checking in for online shopping rehab.

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1. Your browser automatically opens to Zalora, Lazada and Carousell

To get you in the mood for work, you begin the day by checking out email, playing your favourite songs, making a to-do list, and …

You swear you were just looking around. You didn’t plan to buy anything. Really!

2. December is your most anticipated month of the year

Not only because of holidays, but also because of December 12.

If this part does not need any explanation to you, then you know you are addicted.

3. Of all the logistics companies there are, you know exactly who gives the best service

“Oh, you’re using A Express? Ugh, be careful, they lost my dress before … Better use B Logistics, they’re a bit expensive but they have a same-day service. Whoa, you’re sending something to [insert somewhere far away here]? Better use National Post.”

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4. If you’re an Indonesian, you’re likely to address people with ‘gan’ or ‘sis

Gan’ is short for ‘juragan’, a word in Bahasa Indonesia meaning boss in English. The word first came up on discussion forum Kaskus. Apart from discussing topics from football to politics, Kaskus users also use the forum to sell goods, leading the company to launch an online marketplace service. Customers use the word to address a seller.

As for ‘sis’, it is short for the English word ‘sister’ or Dutch word ‘zus’. It is basically what Indonesians use to address a female juragan.

5. Your ears are trained to listen to the courier guy’s footsteps

You are especially anxious about who is knocking on your front door about two or three days after you purchase something online. You may even have reached the point where you can tell between the courier boy and your neighbour coming to borrow a pair of scissors.

6. You compare prices at offline stores and online stores

“You can get that at Berrybenka for only IDR230,000.”

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7. You have seen it all

Not all journeys end smoothly. You once ordered a beautiful ceramic bowl only to find it smashed to pieces when it arrived at your house. The pants that you ordered were two sizes too small even though you swear you checked the right size. The books that you purchased took almost two weeks to arrive.

However, even when you have experienced the dark side of online shopping, you still believe that it is worth it. And that you are not stopping anytime soon.

Image Credit: Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash.com

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