#Asia Ad agencies need to leverage on startups: Norasit Sitivechvichit


The Executive Director of Digital Business at Dentsu Media will appear in a panel discussion at Echelon Thailand 2015 on November 26-27

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Norasit Sitivechvichit, Executive Director of Digital Business at Dentsu Media

In today’s digital age, companies need to leverage on technologies to strengthen their branding. Utilising digital marketing technologies including machine learning, automated advertising and social media enable brands to reach not only a wider audience, but also create a hyper-personalised and localised campaign that may be more effective.

“Clients [of advertising agencies] are becoming more demanding; they want more efficiency,” says Norasit Sitivechvichit, Executive Director of Digital Business at Dentsu Media’s Thailand branch, in an interview with e27.

Dentsu Media is the global media agency network of the Dentsu Aegis Network, a subsidiary of Dentsu Inc, which is a leading multinational Japan-based media advertising and PR firm. Sitivechvichit is a veteran in the digital media industry, with 15 years of experience under his belt.

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To keep up with the demands of clients, Sitivechvichit explains that, “It is important that PR and advertising agencies keep up with the latest digital trends and technologies in order to create new experiences for their clients.”

Agencies need to rethink traditional marketing approaches and find out how they can complement them, or do away with them completely, by leveraging on technology.

“Just take the GoPro camera, for example. Using modern technology, they redefined the concept of a compact camera,” he says, illustrating his point on how companies can reshape their product for the modern age.

How startups can help

To find the right technology to use, you need the right partner. Sitivechvichit believes that advertising agencies need to take the initiative and not only collaborate, but nurture up and coming startups.

Just two months ago, Dentsu Media established the Dentsu Media Laboratory (dmLab) in Thailand, with the aim of accelerating technological innovation through partnerships with regional startups. In turn, Dentsu will be able to use these new technologies to better serve its clients.

“During the early stages, we can help them identify market opportunities based on our client base. And if the startups’ services are suitable, we can bring them revenue stream from clients either [with] the purchase of their service/product, or by partnering with them to create bespoke services for clients,” explains Sitivechvichit.

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At the medium stage, Dentsu Media works with startups to develop new products and services on the basis of a revenue-sharing model.

“We will be looking at high-potential models within the advertising industry,” he says.

“At the final stage, if owners are looking for the exit and they have proved their business sustainability with strong growth, we can get our investment arm [Amplifi] to acquire them. We can also continue our work with them in the dmLab to prepare for the regional or global stage,” he adds.

Localised advertising

Besides riding on technological trends, creating better and more localised campaigns is also essential to capture the right audience.

“We find that people in the region prefer customised campaigns created by Asia-based apps such as Line,” says Sitivechvichit.

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“In the future, it will be more country-specific. I believe that localised global technology will become more prevalent in order to create hyper-personalised advertising campaigns,” he concludes.

Want to hear more from Norasit Sitivechvichit? He will be participating in a panel discussion on “Engaging The Missing Ecosystem Growth Catalysts” at Echelon Thailand this November 26 – 27. Join us as we connect the Mekong region through Bangkok, Thailand in two action-packed days. Learn more about Echelon Thailand here.

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