#Asia Artificial Intelligence 101: A map to understand where we are now


Those sci-fi situations have got to come from somewhere

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in fiction may be sensationalised, but AI in reality is actually a great boon to our lives.

For example, have you asked Siri (or Google, or Cortana, or even Alexa) a question today? You’ve used AI. Were you pleasantly surprised that Facebook recognised your friend in a photo you recently uploaded? That’s also AI. And what about your learning thermostat that has your preferences all figured out and automated? You guessed it — that’s AI too.

Yes, there are still smart robots; those sci-fi situations have got to come from somewhere. But rather than learning to wipe out the humans that created them, smart robots will eventually be used to do everything from perform basic household functions to reacting to emotions to improve their owners’ mental health.

Check out the following infographic by Appcessories to understand where AI is being used and dispel the myth of the dystopian robot future that has been imagined for us.

You’ll also get a better idea of where the money is, along with how old and how big the companies are.

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Image Credit: Siyan Ren on Unsplash

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