#Asia At least one corporation is involved in every unicorn: Arnaud Bonzom of 500 Startups


After explaining what he looks for in his angel investments, Bonzom breaks down how large corporations can integrate the startup culture

Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

Arnaud Bonzom (@arnaudbonzom, LinkedIn, Slideshare), Director of Corporate Innovation @ 500 Startups

  • Story of Arnaud Bonzom
    • How did he get started? [0:57]
    • An overview of his various roles from trade advisor for the French government, assistant director for corporate partnership development to current role in 500 Startups, what are the interesting career lessons learnt? [2:19]
    • Bonzom has also been an angel investor in the Singapore ecosystem, what are his thoughts on the startups that he have invested? [3:02]
      • Healint [3:32]
      • Garuda robotics [4:16]
    • What is the criteria for founders and startups for Bonzom when looks to invest as an angel? [5:17]
  • #500Corporations, “How do the World’s Biggest Companies Deal with the Startup Revolution?” with Serguei Netessine, INSEAD (personal site). [6:15]Also Read:
    • What is the intention of the report?  [6:33]
    • Who is the target audience? [7:27]
    • How do corporations engage startups, and what are the eight criteria discussed in the report? [7:50]
      • Events [8:26]
      • Support Services [8:35]
      • Startup Programs, e.g. Microsoft BizSpark [8:50]
      • Co-Working Spaces e.g. Johnson and Johnson [9:08]
      • Accelerators and Incubators [9:30]
      • Spinoff [9:54]
      • Investment – Corporate Venture Capital [10:15]
      • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) [11:18]
    • Are there any specific examples in Asia?
      • Telstra with muru-D in Australia and Singapore. [11:55]
      • DBS bank [13:27]
      • Baidu and Toyota in Silicon valley [13:47]
    • What are the essential key findings of the report? [13:54]
      • US is not in the top five countries with corporations engaging with startups. [16:05]
      • At least one corporation is involved in investment to every unicorn valuation. [17:02]
    • What are the recommendations that the report advises corporations regarding how to engage startups? [18:50]
    • What are the challenges for corporations when working with startups? [19:11]
    • Industry breakdown of Forbes 500 and how they engage startups. [21:25]
      • Pharmaceuticals [22:05]
      • Telecommunications company [23:01]
    • Why Coca Cola invest in Spotify [25:03]

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