#Asia AWS Activate provides resources and cloud services to grow startups


Startups can leverage on its plethora of benefits, including service credits and developer community support, to scale effectively

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Building and launching your own tech startup is, to put it plainly, an immensely daunting endeavour.

Even if you have years of experience in the vertical you are tackling, you are going to be hurled head-first into challenges you never had to encounter in your career as a mere employee.

First there is the task of recruiting the right team, then you have to figure out how to scale your business with the little resources you have at your disposal.

In recent years, cloud computing solutions have become essential to any tech startup, allowing them to develop and run their business by leveraging on the pay-as-you-use technology infrastructure resources to develop services.

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This effectively eliminates the need to foot any capital expenses on physical hardware, thereby lowering operating costs.

For startups, it is paramount to gain access to technology resources that enable them to quickly and easily get started, as well as scale their business as they grow.

Cloud computing levels the playing field by enabling startups across all verticals and size to gain access to advanced technology platforms that they can pay as they use, experiment with ideas, speed up development process and accelerate their time to market.

Using cloud computing also allows startups to focus on what really matters – serving their customers and innovating. AWS Activate helps address startups’ needs for technology, support, knowledge-sharing and additional resources that make it even easier to use the cloud services to grow their businesses.

A service designed for burgeoning startups

AWS Activate is a global programme designed for startups to easily and quickly use the AWS cloud computing platform to grow their businesses. It offers three kinds of packages that vary depending on your needs.

The Self-Starter package is intended for startups who are bootstrapping with virtually no external support (i.e. by partnering with accelerators and incubators). It provides one year of free tier usage to AWS cloud services, web-based AWS learning programmes, one month of technical support that is available 24/7 and one-to-one consultations with AWS solution architects.

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In addition, it offers service credits that can be used for its self-paced labs – a test environment for you to experiment with AWS cloud services.

Then there are the Portfolio and Portfolio Plus packages. These are designed for startups who are already working with accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces or other startups. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, startups can leverage on additional promotional credits as well as a full year of premium technical support on its core services.

ASEAN startups are scaling their business using AWS Activate

Since its launch, AWS Activate has racked up a number of distinguished startups and worked with high profile accelerators such as 500 Startups. In Southeast Asia, startups are also leveraging on AWS Activate to scale their businesses.

Pieter Walraven, Co-founder of Singapore-based chat software startup Pie, says, “It runs entirely on AWS. The AWS Activate programme helped us figure out the best use of cloud resources, with support when we needed it and gave us the flexibility to take some risk and experiment with different stacks.

For example, we were able to refactor the user interface of Pie to utilise the faster and more modern React (React is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces).”

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Besides helping startups figure out how to utilise the cloud services, Walraven also mentions other intangible benefits. “AWS Activate also offers startups a lot of soft benefits such as networking events, introductions to Silicon Valley VCs and early-access to exciting new services,” he adds.

According to David Zhang, CTO and Co-founder of New York and Bangkok-based startup Eko, a mobile solutions provider for enterprises, AWS Activate was key to “helping us achieve the scalability and cost efficiencies that our clients need.”

“Our team has been making very liberal use of the AWS promotional credits in order to constantly evaluate new tools and workflows. This has been immensely helpful for us. As a cash strapped startup, AWS Activate gives us the ability to explore different solutions without incurring any significant monetary cost,” he adds.

Vit Niennattrakul, Co-founder and CTO of Thailand-based IoT startup, Stamp, a cardless mobile loyalty programme allowing businesses to dispense loyalty points to customers using an IoT device, echoes the same sentiment.

“We chose AWS because AWS focusses on building infrastructure that supports a startup in building a MVP and scaling with minimum workload on managing the infrastructure,” Niennattrakul says.

“By allowing us to focus on the development and deployment processes, it helps us to carry out our overseas expansion plans much easier,” he adds.

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