#Asia Behind the Startup: How a non-techie ended up at a tech startup


Go-Clean’s Dyasanti Vidya Saputri thought working in tech was only for STEM graduates; a trip to Helsinki proved her wrong

Dyasanti Vidya Saputri, Business Product Manager of Go-Clean

When Dyasanti Vidya Saputri decides to take up the job as Business Product Manager of Go-Clean, a new business line of Go-Jek Indonesia, she knew that she wanted to do something that would impact society.

Go-Clean is a subsidiary of Go-Jek that provides on-demand service for house cleaning. As the startup’s transportation service had enabled traditional motorbike taxi drivers to earn more income through technology, Go-Clean also aims to do the same with domestic helpers.

“I knew I wanted my first job to be at a place where I could do things with impact and be part of a team that would stop at nothing to make aforementioned things happen,” says Saputri.

Find out how Saputri, who graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology’s business school, discovered that working in the tech industry actually helps her to fulfill her dream.

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Dyasanti Vidya Saputri, Business Product Manager, Go-Clean

Dyasanti Vidya Saputri, Business Product Manager, Go-Clean

What inspired you to work in the tech industry? What’s your favourite thing about it?

I have to be honest: I never saw myself working in the tech industry until I was physically thrown into this job and slowly registered the fact that I am indeed, working for a tech company.

What motivated me, though, was not the mere fact that it was tech and tech is cool.

In fact, I think that that sort of thinking has got to be one of the worst reasons as to why someone would choose to work in the industry.

It’s the relentless pursuit of ‘What’s next? What is there to do or make better?’ … that continues to both amaze and challenge me everyday.

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Growing up, is there any specific moment that triggered your interest in tech industry?

Throughout the first half of my college career, I distanced myself from the tech industry because I kept the strange belief that it’s a field I would never break into due to my social sciences background—or, in other words, very non-techie.

Luckily, I had the opportunity to study in Helsinki, Finland for one whole semester. At one point, I was invited to attend a small gathering held by the university’s entrepreneurship society.

I discovered my then-hidden interest in the industry. Throughout the two-hour discussion, I learnt that Finnish youth in particular are actively embracing the rise of tech startups.

Not only that, the university I enrolled at, in fact, had initiated their own accelator programme. [Even] the startup scene was a lot ‘non-tech’-friendlier than I thought.

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What’s the first gadget/software you fell in love with? How did it change your life?

I was one of those second-graders who didn’t care much about having their own Tamagotchi or Game Boy.

I did, however, develop a very strong connection to my very first iPod, which was a Nano third gen— the one that had long been discontinued.

It didn’t change my life per se, but it got me through middle school as I wouldn’t have gotten anything done in my art classes if not for that baby blue beauty. I hate to say I lost it, I really do.

Image Credit: Dyasanti Vidya Saputri

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