#Asia Boltt is your nutritionist, doctor, and activity centre — all rolled into one


Boltt is a line-up of wearable devices that can be used not just to track your fitness, but also provide actionable insights through AI and machine learning

Although wearable tech was introduced to the world sometime in the mid-2000s, it started going mainstream only in the beginning of this decade. Since then, many companies have rolled out different kinds of devices, such as smartwatches, smart bands and smart shoes.

It was the Hyderabad-based Broadcast Wearables that gave wearables a new dimension when it launched a smart fitness T-shirt, called Sygnal, a few weeks ago. However, other than just a change in appearance, Sygnal did not add much value to the user. Like Fitbit or any other brands in the market, this T-shirt can tell you no more than how many steps you’ve taken, floors climbed, or the amount of calories burnt.

But when Arnav Kishore — a 21-year-old fitness and nutrition freak with experience in running his family business — decided to plunge into the wearables world with a product on his own, he wanted to create something futuristic and unique — and which could stand out from the crowd.

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And his quest landed him at the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where he unveiled Boltt, which he believes will transform the wearables industry.

“Boltt is not just another wearable company out there in the market,” said Arnav. “We are the first ever company in the world to integrate wearable tech with Artificial Intelligence. Our vision is to change the regular fitness regimes and upgrade it with a combination of new-age thinking and technology.”

The startup was launched by Arnav (Founder and CEO) and elder sister Aayushi Kishore (Co-founder and CMO). Their dad ran a successful shoe business under the brand Globalite Retail. Two years ago, the Kishore family decided to foray into the wearable business when they sniffed a good potential in this space.

Boltt is a wearable tech brand introducing a connected health and fitness ecosystem. It comprises advanced fitness wearables with an in-built AI virtual assistant. Boltt’s fitness system comprises a smart band, smart shoes and training apps — all powered by AI. The idea is to build a connected platform of all three, which will provide actionable insights through machine learning, according to Aayushi.

Boltt smart shoe, smart band, and the sensor

Boltt smart shoe, smart band, and the sensor

“The Bolt app works in tandem with the wearables. The app comes along with a virtual assistant called ‘B’ that interacts with the users and gives real-time voice coaching and interactive feedback on health and training throughout the day, and converts Boltt wearables into wearables,” she said.

“With Boltt, we are trying to displace the need for a nutritionist, doctor, and an activity centre. Our belief is that this is the next big thing in the wearables industry as we go beyond just tracking,” Aayushi explained.

The Boltt shoes are embedded with sensors that have the ability to track movements using the user’s bio-mechanical data. The sensor helps the user get advanced, useful feedback pertaining to his/her workout and/or running experience. The Stride Sensor can either be clipped onto any standard shoe, the sole of the shoe or ankle band and can be easily connected to the Boltt app to retrieve real-time feedback.

The Bolt shoes come equipped with functionalities like energy bounce back, impact absorption, supportive cushioning balance and balanced-gripping ground control for a comfortable and natural movement. Using the Boltt app, the user can track information such as cadence, speed, calories, steps, velocity, acceleration, distance and power output.

With a 24/7 activity tracker, the smart band measures the users hourly steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and flights climbed. The band also tracks sleeping patterns and breaks sleep duration down into whether it was deep or light.

Boltt CEO Arnav (L) and CMO Aayushi Kishore

Boltt CEO Arnav (L) and CMO Aayushi Kishore

“The real problem is that tons of of data that fail to give meaning to the end consumer. Boltt fills the gap in the market and gives meaningful insights from the data curated. The improvisation to the status quo in terms of wearables that Boltt brings to the table is the engagement model,” added Ayushi.

The startup targets sports stars, schools, hospitals, and offices with its platform. The wearables are priced at US$50 to US$100 each. The product will be launched commercially in April this year.

Boltt has raised seed funding from a group of investors. The company has already partnered with a few online retailers and will also launch its own e-commerce portal in the coming months.



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