#Asia Carrying a monkey on your back? This startup can come to your rescue


Gurgaon-based tech startup LogiMonkey focusses on simplifying people’s lives by undertaking their day-to-day tasks


A few months back, Arjun Singh was on his way for a very important meeting. Halfway through, he realised that he had left a very important file at home.

Since he was already late for the meeting due to heavy traffic, he had no time to go back and fetch the file. So, he went ahead but had to pay for the mistake.

This was more than an eye opener for him to think of others going through similar experiences on a daily basis. So he decided to start a venture that could save people when they commit silly but costly mistakes.

“I realised that there were many people like me who might be suffering because of unintentional day-to-day errands, and hence LogiMonkey,” says Singh, who started the venture a few months ago.

Arjun Singh, Founder & CEO, LogiMonkey

Arjun Singh, Founder & CEO, LogiMonkey

“The app can also be used to book a doctor visit for your elderly or to hire a maid to take care of them for a day or two in the absence of a family members,” says Singh.

On-demand delivery with a personal touch

LogiMonkey is basically a one-point solution for all field work jobs. Based on the on-demand concept, the startup focusses on simplifying people’s lives by undertaking their day-to-day tasks. It works to complete their to-do list and helps them manage their work.

The app can also act as a personalised assistant. Any individual who wants to tick tasks that do not require their physical presence and time can use this.

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“For example,” Singh explains, “One can book a task to pick up his file from home and deliver at his office. All you need to do is fill up the pick-up and drop-off point addresses, the time at which the file is required, your name, email ID and phone number. You will then receive the file at your drop-off address at the requested time.”

Currently, the services are available only in Delhi and Gurgaon, but the company plans to take them out to several other cities soon.

As of now, LogiMonkey offers household errands, occasion errands, medical errands, corporate errands, senior citizen errands and personalised delivery.

The app is available on Android and iOs.

“Opportunities are abundant, as every individual has some work or want in the day and that is precisely the niche market I am looking to serve and in the safest and most cost-effective way possible,” adds Singh.

On-demand services market in at a tipping point in India, and foreign VC money has been flowing into this space since the beginning of this year.

Companies such as Grofers and PepperTap — both are heavily funded — are the pioneers in the on-demand delivery services space.


According to Singh, both these companies are catering to just one segment of the hyperlocal market segment, whereas LogiMonkey is a hyperlocal rider service handling specific requests for a customer at his convenience.

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LogiMonkey is facing the same set of challenge faced by every other startup in India — trust and safety. “But we already have worked our way around this,” he says.

The startup charges fees based on a the distance for the pick-up and drop-off services, while the senior citizens services are based on an hourly basis. Currently, the startup claims to have over 400 people using its app daily.

LogiMonkey is also looking to raise funding. “We are already in talks with a few investors. We hope to solidify funding very soon,” says Singh.

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