#Asia #China A stepping stone to “maturalize” your ideas before accelerators; with Albert Liang, Founder and CEO of IGENESIIS Group


Venture Capital tends to shut the door if you don’t have a team, a product and some customers due to too many risks. Increasingly, entrepreneurs in China with just an idea are having difficulty in getting money and help. Focused on the ideation stage before accelerators and incubators, Albert Liang, CEO and Founder of IGENESIIS, is dedicated to inspiring people to become founders through a 4-month process with their mentor community and courses on skills, resilience, and core values.

Ideation programs is an emerging trend around the world, especially in Silicon Valley. Having started the first ideation program in China, Albert has many incredible insights about how to “maturalize” your idea into a business in Chinese market. As a serial entrepreneur, Albert also has prospective insights about why the current environment is ready for IGENESIIS and how investors are likely to respond to this opportunity.

Show Notes: Jump ahead to topics
02:08 Albert Liang Introduction
04:34 What IGENSIIS is and how to “maturalize” your idea into a business
06:23 Why the environment is ready for IGENSIIS
08:23 Face the risky world and start the stepping stone program
10:08 Why Stared IGENSIIS
11:15 Ideation is an emerging trend all over the world
15:44 Hopes for the Ideation Program
25:06 How investors will react
25:52 Suggestions
27:08 Contact IGENSIIS

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