#Asia #China The Breakthroughs of Voice AI Technologies with Chen Wei, Senior Director and Chief Scientist of Sogou Voice Interaction Technology Centre


The system of human perceptions is multi-faceted and voice is one of the perceptions that people pay the most attention to in Artificial Intelligence areas. Sogou established a speech recognition team in 2012 to explore technologies such as intelligent voice and machine translation. Now it is obviously a leader in the Chinese voice technology field.

In this episode, we’ve invited Chen Wei, the Chief Scientist of Sogou Voice Interaction Technology Centre, to introduce the technological breakthroughs in speech recognition, machine translation and speech synthesis behind Sogou translation products.

Chen Wei and his team also developed the Zhiyin OS system which is a system with multi-modal perception capabilities including speech recognition, handwriting recognition and lip-reading ability. The edge of this technology also extends to areas such as hardware and visual identification.

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Show notes:
01:23 Introduce Chen Wei
02:14 His interest in voice AI technology
03:17 Simultaneous translation demo in Chinese, English and Spanish
04:56 The job of the Voice Interaction Technology Centre
04:49 The technology breakthroughs of the translator
06:09 The technology challenges of speech recognition in 42 languages
12:44 How does the Sogou input method work
15:10 Explain the meaning of “Zhiyin” in Chinese
15:39 The reason that Sogou creates a new system Zhiyin
16:40 Realize AI technology in different Sogou products and develop Zhiyin system for different partners
18:24 Why Sogou produces a translation hardware device
19:37 Other interfaces for translation except for the voice
21:21 Future projects, such as lip recognition and virtual anchor
24:07 Potential partnerships
24:41 The gap between the industry and the universities
25:22 How to contact Chen Wei

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