#Asia Consolidation is the new normal for Japanese mobile gaming


Japan is a global leader in gaming, but Serkan Toto says indicators point to a precarious future for small to medium-sized game developers

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Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

Serkan Toto (@serkantoto, LinkedIn, Website), CEO & founder of Kantan Games JP

    • What are some interesting happenings in Japan’s mobile gaming industry? [0:49]
    • The major trend in Japan’s Mobile Game Industry: Consolidation [1:20]
      • How does Japan’s mobile gaming industry compare to the rest of the world? [1:27]
      • Japan as a mature and sophisticated mobile gaming industry: Average Rate Per Paying User in Gaming – $55-$60 per user [2:40]
      • Serkan’s analysis in Casual Connect 2015: ~500-700 mobile game providers, 40 listed companies in the mobile gaming space, ~20 game platforms, 3 major companies (DeNA, Gree & LINE)
      • Who are the major players in Japan’s mobile gaming marketing? [3:33]
      • What are the recent events in 2015/2016 that led to the conjecture that the industry is trending towards consolidation? [4:46]
      • What are the indicators we should be watching that will show that consolidation is happening in the Japanese mobile game industry? [7:33]
      • What is happening to Gree and DeNA in the featured phone game market? [8:26]
      • What is happening to Gree after the Nintendo-DeNA deal? [9:40]
      • With mobile gaming companies going public, for example, MyNet, how will the trend of consolidation impact the market?  [11:23]

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    • How has the Nintendo-DeNA deal worked out? [12:05]
      • Since our last conversation, has the Nintendo-DeNA deal been successful?
      • Preregistration of Miitomo by Nintendo.
      • Has Nintendo published any mobile games? If so, what are the reviews so far?
      • Niantic Labs (invested by Google, Nintendo and Pokemon Company) has a presence in Japan and is said to have an interesting interplay between AR/VR with gaming, what will be their impact in the Japanese market? Niantic labs are known for the game Ingress for Google Play. [13:53]
      • Is AR/VR gaming going to supercede Japan mobile gaming in 2016? [15:40]
    • Cracking into the Japanese Market
      • Given that Japan is the largest mobile gaming market in the world, what are the strategies for foreign gaming companies to enter Japan? [18:00]
      • How are these foreign gaming companies performing so far? [20:56]
    • What is the impact of negative interest rates in the Japanese economy and how it impacts the gaming industry? [23:59]

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