#Asia Crouching Uber, Dancing Lion: Get an on-demand Lion Dance this CNY


Would it really feel like a new year if it was not possible order a Lion Dance troupe through your phone?

Lion Dance

Sure, at this time of the year, it is easy enough to scream Gong Xi Fa Cai! and bestow some goodwill onto the neighbour. But it is far more difficult to remember if you should give that person Lai See (or, as my Singaporean friends vehemently tell me, Ang Pow).

Being married and not giving money to a younger sibling is an unforgivable blunder with only one solution — an on-demand Lion Dance!

And because it is 2016, of course this actually exists.

So, who is behind this harbinger of good luck? Uber of course.

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This upcoming Wednesday the ride-sharing giant will be offering a promotion in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Singapore to bring on-demand Lion Dancing troupes to any location.

Between 9am and 6pm users will be able to request the ‘Lion Dance’ option on the app and if a troupe is available they will be banging cymbals at your doorstep in minutes.

No cash is required (which is great as cash is a hot commodity this week) because Uber will charge directly to the account.

Just make sure to exercise some patience as troupes may be performing and it could take a couple of tries to order a dance.

The service costs S$50 (US$35) in Singapore or RMB188 (US$29) in China and no, the company will not be exercising surge pricing.

So, if you make a faux-pas and need some quick luck, want to impress the boss or, as I might do, are simply bored, Wednesday is a day to order Lion Dances via your phone.

Just make sure you remember to buy oranges beforehand!

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