#Asia e27 Meetups: 5 things you need to know about Neeuro’s Kelly Choo


The inaugural e27 Meetup to happen on January 20. The evening will be a fun get-to-know session with Choo on his experience as Founder, Chief Marketing Officer and Sales Director


1. He’s currently part of the founding team of Neeuro and also it’s Chief Marketing Officer

Kelly Choo is the Co-founder of Neeuro, a technology company that aims to develop products that are designed to slow the decline of, and even hone, cognitive functions through neurotechnology and gamification.

2. Neeuro is creating some pretty cool stuff

Have you seen the recently announced Brainwave Headgear designed by Neeuro? It’s a tad futuristic-looking, but it’s got four front-loaded EEG sensors and two reference electrodes to accurately read the brain’s cognitive signals.  The sensors use highly conductive elastomers, which capture very low-frequency signals. How many tech startups in Asia can claim they’re doing that?

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3. He’s currently flanked by his previous co-founders from Brandtology

Being part of the core team of any startup takes a certain kind of genius, a certain type of crazy, and dare we say, just that splash of chemistry in order to be more than the sum of your parts. Choo is part of the trio that was Brandtology (now acquired by iSentia), and his partners-in-crime are Eddie Chau and Alvin Chan. The fact that they’re working together again, suggests a strong bond that weathers the storm of startup life.

4. The trio used to work together on online sentiment analysis

Choo’s previous company, Brandtology, was formed in 2008 and is an online sentiment analysis tool that combined both tech solutions and social media analysts to let brands monitor what people were saying online and on social networks about them. This was extremely relevant for brands when marketers needed a tool to help them monitor how these brands were perceived online.

5. Choo has seen success in both marketing and exits

Brandtology grew to 170 analysts in 15 countries across Asia Pacific, Europe and the US, and was finally acquired by iSentia [ASX:ISD] (formally Media Monitors) in 2011. He was the Strategic Sales Director at iSentia Brandtology and is also the Chief Marketing Officer at Neeuro. It comes as almost no surprise that his own ventures involve in tracking how people behave and think.

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This article is brought to you by e27 Meetups, a social space for technology entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and investors. Our special guest this month is Kelly Choo, Co-founder of Neeuro. The evening will be a fun get-to-know session with Choo. It will also be a powerful opportunity for networking with the tech community. Reserve your spot for the upcoming meetup here

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