#Asia Even if in China for a week, WeChat is absolutely crucial for business


Andrew Shorr of Grata.co says WeChat is not Twitter or Facebook, content must resonate with user base

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Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):

Andrew Schorr (@Andrew_Schorr, LinkedIn, Wechat: grata_co), CEO & co-founder of Grata.co

    • How did he get started in his career? [0:54]
      • What made Andrew move from the US to China?  [1:23]
      • What has he done there for the past 11 years that led up to Grata.co? [2:05]
    • Grata.co
      • What’s the problem that Grata.co is trying to solve? [4:38]
      • How does Grata.co help to solve the customers’ pain point? Is it B2C or B2B [6:10]
      • How does Grata.co operate in Wechat via the official account feature? [8:10]

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    • Wechat ecosystem and growth hacking in China
      • A quick intro to Wechat, the messaging app and an important platform from corporations to startups. [9:00]
      • Interesting data points on Grata’s translation of Wechat impact report:  (a) 55.2% of users open WeChat more than 10 times a day, (b) Wechat users consumed US$15.3B worth of mobile data, (c) 53% of organisations allocate their spending to maintain & upgrade their Wechat official accounts.
      • How does the Wechat platform works for startups in China? [12:30]
      • Does Wechat have any developer APIs documentation, developer evangelists for people to talk to or even conferences for startups or corporate developers to attend? (Reference: Wechat Developer APIs) [13:50]
      • How does an overseas brand or corporation get an official account? [16:50]
      • What is an official account? What are the different types of official accounts (similar to Facebook Pages) on Wechats for startups and corporations in Wechat?
      • What are the interesting services that has emerged from WeChat?
      • How does an overseas brand get an official account on Wechat from Tencent?
      • How do we know when the content marketing on social media in China is successful? What are the interesting use cases that you can share? [20:21]

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      • What are the important tips to grow hack on Wechat? [22:42]
      • How do brands grow followers on Wechat? Do they advertise via Wechat ads? [24:40]
      • Given that Facebook messenger is cloning Wechat for the US market, can you port the services from Grata to the US market in the same way? A different way of thinking about this is that if anyone master how to make a killer app on Wechat, does that mean that it can translate to the other messaging apps? [25:30]
      • The messaging apps are fragmented across different parts of the world with Telegram, LINE & Kakao Talk leading in some parts of the world, are messaging app bots the new apps for mobile users? [27:04]
      • Grata.co is invested by 500 startups and various investors in Silicon Valley, and any additional thoughts before we close our conversation? [29:13]


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