#Asia Five articles to help level-up your marketing efforts, this is what we are reading


Marketing is crucial for the success of any companies, but it’s also full of potholes. Here are some great articles to help navigate your advertising campaign

[Hubspot] 4 Strategies to Spark On-Demand Creativity 

In most companies, business development professionals, operations and management all need to bring consistent and quality creativity to the job. This is especially true in the startup world, where the constant demand to move fast requires originality.

However, knowing that creativity is important is different from executing. This article from Hubspot gives awesome advice on how to manufacture creativity (an essential in today’s business world). My favorite? Present two ideas: One scary and one conservative. The true answer is probably in between the spectrum.

[Hootesuite] The Facebook Pixel: What It Is and How to Use It 

Facebook, Google and other online advertising platforms often have sneaky useful tools that are not ‘common sense’.

For any company spending money on Facebook advertising, the Pixel is one of those must-use features. It is a code that engineers can put in the website that helps track conversions that come through Facebook.

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This helps marketers make smart, decisive choices based on the analytics from previous campaigns. Don’t just throw money at Facebook. Make sure you know how to use it.

[e27] 3 dead simple rules to get better with content marketing 

What do all of these of these articles have in common? They are, in one form or another, examples of content marketing. Canva, Hootesuite and Hubspot sell other products, but educate people about their brand by creating interesting and useful content about the industry.

However, content marketing does not mean a company should just hire some random person to churn out garbage and hope something sticks. There are some rules.

In this e27 guest contributor post from Sabih Javed, he breaks down the basics, so you can avoid making easy mistakes.

[Canva] 10 Simple Ways to Instantly Jazz Up Your Brand’s Instagram Feed

Instagram is another marketing channel that brands know they need but often fail to execute. One of the problems is brands approach each post as a standalone advertisement. This is a mistake.

Each post needs to fit into a broader theme (so, for example, consider using the same colors. Or, create blocks in which 6-8 posts have a common theme). This fun post from Canva provides 10 tips for running an excellent Instagram campaign.

[DesignTAXI] Bad Photoshop Habits And Mistakes You Need To Break Right Away 

The first four articles offer positive advice, but it’s equally important to not make simple mistakes. For example, save EVERYTHING in .psd format. The reason? Because in six-months time, when revisiting the project, if it is saved in .tiff, the designer will not be able to edit the advertisement. Talk about a nightmare.

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Photoshop is a revolutionary tool for the advertising industry, but make sure you are using it properly.

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