#Asia From top trends to new tools, here are five articles to help improve your product


It is essential to stay on top of the top trends in code, here are five articles to help along the way

[Mind the Product] Seven Things you can Learn From WeChat Product Development

WeChat is the most important app in Asia, it has hundreds of millions of users and is almost a necessity when doing business in China. With this kind of status, startups across the region should be looking to the company for advice and inspiration.

This article from Mind the Product pulls together seven pieces of advice for all developers.

[e27] Modern mobile app development: Cutting-edge trends you should not miss

What do people want in their UX experience? As the internet becomes an essential part of our everyday life, people are ditching the glitz and glam in favor of simplicity. While that fancy app might look nice, it turns out people want minimalism and apps “that just work”.

Find this, and other great tips, in a great guest post from Richard Stanley.

[Airbnb] Painting with Code Introducing our new open source library React Sketch.app

Need a new tool to check out? Sketch.app wants to help product teams better integrate their workflows. Airbnb may be an unlikely source for developer innovation, but this open source resource should help speed up the design process.

As the article says:

Code is relatively easy to tie together, and we already have an infrastructure that allows for version control and continuous integration of our applications. Until now though, maintaining Sketch templates relied on manually-intensive human touch points.

[Little Man in My Head] Top 10 Developer Crypto Mistakes

Here is the list:

Hard-coded keys

  • Improperly choosing an IV
  • ECB mode of operation
  • Wrong use or misuse of a cryptographic primitive for password storage
  • MD5 just won’t die. And SHA1 needs to go too!
  • Passwords are not cryptographic keys
  • Assuming encryption provides message integrity
  • Asymmetric key sizes too small
  • Insecure randomness
  • “Crypto soup”

Now read the article to learn from the breakdowns.

[The Next Web] Universities finally realize that Java is a bad introductory programming language

When it comes to running a startup, learning a bit of code is essential. Turns out, Java may be a bad place to start. While there is a lot to love about Java, it is a harsh language for beginners and may turn them off to coding.

Stanford University has decided it will transition away from Java for its intro-level classes and into Javascript. The move was lauded by the author.

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