#Asia Gaining user attention during their “me” time is one big reason to focus on a mobile-first approach


Smartphones and mobile data are pervasive enough that it makes sense for any startup to bank on a mobile-first approach in developing apps and services

Gone are the days when your brand can gain staying power using offline methods along. You will need to leverage all channels in order to gain leads, conversions, and revenues. For a startup with digital channels, this means optimising for both web and mobile.

Having a solid web presence on the desktop platform is no longer sufficient. The trend is moving toward mobile, and you will need to optimise your users’ mobile UX right away.

Here are some of the reasons for doing so:

Mobile users worldwide are on a growth trajectory

According to Statista, the world will have more than 5 billion mobile users by 2019. This is more than 80 per cent of all the people using the internet across the world. The number clearly suggests that user preference is changing at a swift pace. Now, people are relying more on their smartphones than desktops for their internet usage. By transforming your products and services according to their preferences, you can increase conversions by a significant margin.

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There are two options for you to forge ahead. Either make your website responsive for different devices or launch a mobile app that can work as the one stop solution for people seeking products and services similar to yours. Mobile apps provide a significantly personalised experience, which can unveil a new world of opportunities for your business, in terms of targeting, retention and engagement.

Become a part of users’ “me” time

There is a reason why all the major brands like Facebook, Google and Amazon are now focussing on mobile apps. They knew the importance of getting involved in a user’s “me” time. Users are hooked on mobile apps, and they access their content while on their commute, while at work, and basically anytime and anywhere.

You don’t have to wait until your users is at his/her office desk or home computer to gain their attention. Users are already spending at least five hours per day on their mobile devices, far overtaking time spent on desktop or laptop screens.

Users feel confident when using their smartphones

Right from movie streaming to buying groceries and clothes, users try to execute most of their tasks with the help of their smartphones, which make content and information accessible on a highly personalised level. It’s one of the major reasons they don’t want to switch back to the old way of using desktops. You can make use of this transformation and disrupt the market by providing mobile-friendly solutions.

A final word

In the end, bringing your brand, application, and services right onto the palm of your users’ hands offers a significantly higher chance of gaining their attention than on desktop computers. It’s a matter of keeping them engaged and providing value, so that they will keep on using your mobile application.


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