#Asia Gym chain Fitness First announces two new fitness-tracking apps


BioScore assesses your ‘fitness age’ and CustomFit 3.0 provides you with a set of personalised workoutsGym

It seems that fitness centres now are no longer contented with just providing you with a treadmill and other exercise equipment. Many of them are leveraging on tech products and services such as fitness-sharing platform KFit to enhance your workout regime.

Leading global gym chain Fitness First is taking this a step further with the announcement of two new fitness tracking apps BioScore and CustomFit 3.0, which will officially launch on January 10.


BioScore tracks your fitness level by assessing your biological age or “fitness age” and rates that against your actual age. It has three major assessment metrics:

1. Health test that measures vital statistics such as height to waist ratio, lung function and blood pressure.

2. Fitness test that uses exercises to assess strength, flexibility, agility, aerobic fitness, power, strength, flexibility. These exercises include standing jumps; core endurance drills; hexagonal agility and a 500m row.

3. Lifestyle test that measures your nutrition, stress level, sleep and drinking habits via a questionnaire.

“It [Bioscore] takes a holistic approach, looking at someone’s lifestyle rather than just how many times they exercise each week. Based on the results of this assessment, you have a deeper knowledge of your fitness and health, without relying solely on physical appearance as a gauge. Following this, you can then develop a realistic strategy and action plan in order to improve your BioScore,” said Simon Flint, CEO of Fitness First Asia, in a press release.

CustomFit 3.0

CustomFit 3.0, which was designed by Fitness First’s experts based on the ‘Theory of Intrinsic Motivation’, delivers customised workout regimes to the users. It assesses users’ preferences through Fitness First’s proprietary Fitness Logic system. It will then deliver a curated set of exercises from its library of over 800 kinds of exercise methods.

The app also allows users to track their fitness progress and even pulls data such as calories burnt and steps taken from other health apps including Apple Health and Google Health, to provide a more detailed analysis of the user’s progress.

There is also a social leaderboard where users can measure themselves against each other.

For those skeptical of Fitness First’s agenda, the app features 200 exercises that do not require any gym equipment.

Just hear it from Flint himself:

“We know that in today’s busy life there may be occasions where going to the gym isn’t always feasible, so we want to provide tools and content that will allow people to stay the course, both inside and outside the gym. If you’ve done your BioScore assessment and are working with a personal trainer to improve that score and turn back the clock, he or she will be able to use CustomFit 3.0 to create a customised programme that you can take with you wherever you are,” said Flint.

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