#Asia Healthy food delivery startup IndieDish wins TOP 100 Fight Club: Thailand


IndieDish is on a mission to help people get access to healthy food easily


IndieDish and Primo

Healthy food delivery startup IndieDish has been crowned winner of the TOP 100 Fight Club: Thailand at Echelon Thailand 2017.

It will be awarded two passes to the Echelon Asia Summit in Singapore and access to a VIP dinner with invited investors and corporates at the event. In addition, IndieDish will receive a free TOP 100 Exhibition booth at the event.

The judges for the competition were as follows:

  • Carmen Yuen, Senior Executive Director, Vertex Ventures
  • Pahrada (Mameaw) Sapprasert, Associate Director, 500 TukTuks
  • Dr Pun-Arj Chairatana, Director, National Innovation Agency (NIA)
  • Vitavin Ittipanuvat, Senior Associate, InVent
  • Jason Edwards, Portfolio Manager, Qualgro

Founded by two ex-Amazon employees, IndieDish not only delivers healthy food at a relatively cheap price of THB 89 (US$2.50) per meal on average but also makes the delivery process efficient in traffic-congested Bangkok.

IndieDish optimises its logistics algorithm by using a system of pre-orders. Based on the pre-orders, which can be made a week in advance, IndieDish will work out the most efficient route for its delivery drivers.

To date, IndieDish has delivered over 18,000 meals. It doesn’t offer on-demand/same day delivery services but it is working on it. IndieDish is looking to raise a seed round of US$300,000.

The judges were impressed with how thoroughly the team had thought through the delivery process. They were also drawn to IndieDish’s mission to broaden healthy food choices in the country.

The audience had a different view on who should have won the prize though. Primo emerged as fan favourite based on audience polls.

Primo is an app that organises and consolidates promotions from the user’s credit cards and membership cards. The app then pushes personalised deals based on the user’s preference.

How it works is that users input their spending limits, Primo then recommends which deals best fit their budget. Currently, Primo’s staff manually input promotions their database.

The 11 other startups may not have clinched the prize, but they didn’t walk away empty-handed; as TOP100 startups, the e27 platform will continue to support beyond the offline event by connecting them to various stakeholders and investors in the regional ecosystem.

And here are the startups:


One key problem many real estate professionals face today is that they have to manually manage properties by through different platforms. This is time-consuming work.

FindYourSpace provides an end-to-end workflow for real estate professionals. Its unified CRM provides seamless lead management and agent to agent co-brokering, allowing real estate professionals to work across borders easily.

It has 28 paying clients and around 180 monthly active agents. FindYourSpace monetises through a monthly subscription model for agents, brokers and developers.


Investorz is a social finance app for traders and investors. It provides global financial data from 80 exchanges over the world including NASDAQ.

There are also different features including a community platform, RoboAdvisor, and interactive learning tools about the market. There are also full featured messengers, chatbots, and live stream functions.

Its interactive tools include price patterns and trade setups. Currently, Investorz has over 100,000 users per month. It aims to implement brokerage trading in the future


Why waste time agonising over your travel plans when you can just base it off someone else’s itinerary. TripGuru is a platform that provides such a service. Trip planners can create and share itineraries and have them validated by other holidaymakers. TripGuru sends personalised offers based on the user’s travel destinations and collects a 10 per cent commission from the vendors.

One Stock Home

One Stock Home is an e-commerce platform for building materials. By using the dropship method, contractors can reduce the time dealing with salespeople or sorting through a list of different suppliers.

One Stock Home claims it can help contractors save up to 20 per cent of their usual purchasing cost. Currently, it has 10,000 building products on the website. For now, One Stock Home will focus buying products from factories and selling it to customers. But it wants to be an aggregator of building material suppliers, eventually.

Event Banana

Event Banana is like an “Uber” for events spaces. The listing is free but the venues can pay a fee for premium listings, which will generate more visibility and leads.  For small-scale venues, Event Banana will charge a 15 per cent commission instead.

Currently, Event Banan has over 40 paying customers including major hotel chains.


Centrovision provides two Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) services.

First, its CenAirSurvey service takes high-resolution pictures of areas for the purpose of mapping, landscape or construction surveying.

Its second product is the CenIVP, which takes interactive virtual panoramic photography. Think of it as a virtual tour service in the same vein as Google street view. CenIVP use cases including pictures for exhibitions, resorts, hotels, golf courses or factories.


OOCA is a telehealth platform for psychologists and psychiatrists. Mental health issues often carry a stigma (especially in Asia). As a result, people suffering from mental disorders may shy away from the seeking the treatment they need.

By using a telehealth app, patients can book appointments and see a doctor all on one app. It is not only more convenient but appointments are more flexible and more confidential.

OOCA says the pool of psychiatrists in Thailand is small and they need help finding patients. So this is a win-win situation. Currently, OOCA has 7 providers on its platform and has signed an MOU with 1 institute.


Look is C2C live streaming mobile app. Imagine it as a global webcam service. A news agency can request a stream from any user based on their locations, turning ordinary citizens into on-demand reporters. All they need to do is send out a request and relevant users will receive a notification.

But how would it counter fake news? When the streams are shot, they are geotagged. And Look is working on AI tech that can analyse differents stream and compare them with each other to make sure they are similar.


Airportels is luggage delivery service. A traveller can use the app to send their luggage to the hotel straight from the airport and vice versa. For business travellers, this could be useful as they can hit the ground running when they land and attend their meetings without the hassle of lugging a suitcase.


Bowr aims to be a curated furniture e-commerce marketplace connects customers with designers. Designers can work with furniture makers to build up their portfolios and earn a bit of cash.


iTAX is a platform that aims to simplify tax preparation. Using a set of simple questions it is able to find out what tax benefits a user is entitled to. It provides tax planning, as well as tax automation with payroll management solutions for enterprises.


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