#Asia iflix holds hand with Telkom’s UseeTV to walk into Indonesian market


Previously, Telkom had blocked access to stream Netflix on its platforms


Following their recent announcement of Cam Walker’s appointment to head its Indonesia operation, Malaysian on-demand video streaming platform iflix is reported to have secured a partnership with Indonesia’s state-owned telco operator Telkom, as part of its effort to enter the market.

iflix content will be available on UseeTV, Telkom’s own over-the-top (OTT) service, DailySocial reported.

There has been no confirmation whether Telkom will be the only telco operator that the company is partnering with.

The partnership happens in the midst of controversy following streaming service Netflix’s entrance to the Indonesian market. Citing concern for pornographic and violent content, as well as lack of permission to operate, in January Telkom blocked access to Netflix from all of its platforms such as mobile service Telkomsel and home cable TV service IndiHome.

Telkom stated that they are going to lift the blockade under the condition that Netflix should partner with the state-owned telco operator.

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Prior to the partnership with iflix, Telkom has been involved in a disagreement with Indonesian major media group MNC Group, leading to the company to take out all of its existing content in Telkom’s platforms.

Telkom’s Consumer Director Dian Rachmawan confirmed the report to Metro TV News.

“We will soon replace it with new content, as soon iflix will also enter UseeTV,” he said.

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