#Asia In photos: DGM India’s calm and cool office in Guragon


DGM India is a digital marketing firm that seats around 80 of its employees in the Gurgaon office


It is a calm and cool office when you take a walk around digital marketing firm DGM India’s Gurgaon work space.

While the firm has over 120 employees spread across various cities in India, it seats around 80 of them in the Gurgaon office.

DGM India claims to aggregate the inventories of more than 20,000 websites and has serviced over 300 blue-chip clients across the country over the past eight years.

The firm is headed by Anurag Gupta, who took me around the office that they set up around May last year.


Anurag Gupta, Founder and Managing Director, DGM

Gupta, an avid photographer,  has some of his work displayed on the office walls. He was also kind enough to take some of the photos for this feature himself.


All Gupta’s snaps on display were taken during his travels, or during his spare time.


Going paperless in the true sense, all the surfaces on the office can be used as a white board, including all the tables and windows. Markers are scattered all over the office, just in case you have your ‘Eureka!’ moment and don’t have a place to pen it down.


Gupta tells me that the standing table in the office is his favourite spot for a discussion because he can have a casual or serious conversation and scribble down pointers to explain things better.


Unlike most corporate offices, the lighting has been kept dim to provide a soft effect, says Gupta. The effects were definitely visible; despite a number of employees being present, this was one of the quietest offices I have visited.

Though I can’t be sure if it was the lighting or if it was because “The Boss” was on the prowl.


The meeting rooms are done up in an elegant way and look like a typical corporate boardroom with a dash of soothing green lights and a view of the city from the window.



The hand-painted walls are the main eye-catchers in the office. The colours and details make it hard to believe that they were painted by hand and were not wallpaper.



DGM’s office also provides a gentle push to its employees to achieve targets and aim higher through its motivational quotes on the walls.  At the entrance lobby itself, it starts with the thought to think out of box.




And to drive the point of aiming for success, DGM has also enlisted the help of the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Jack Ma to provide motivation through their quotes, which cover a whole wall in the office.


On the way to the pantry is what looks like the Wall of Fame. Photographs of the senior management and the top performers of the month are on display in the style of a soccer team. I confirmed the numbers are given in random order.

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