#Asia In Photos: Tradition and innovation meet at Bukalapak’s new HQ


Designed like a marketplace, the startup’s new office is launched during its sixth anniversary celebration

As the company’s name suggested – ‘buka lapak’ means ‘opening up a stall’ in Indonesian— the marketplace is the main theme of Bukalapak’s new HQ in Kemang, South Jakarta, five minutes away from ride-hailing app startup Go-Jek’s HQ.

Located on the first floor, the HQ was officially opened during a massive party to celebrate the company’s sixth anniversary.

Since its launch in January 2010, Bukalapak has become home to 250 employees, 500,000 vendors across Indonesia and two million website visitors every day.

CEO Achmad Zaky presses his hands on a screen moments before the office door officially opens for visit

CEO Achmad Zaky presses his hands on a screen moments before the office door officially opens for the visit

“We have come a long way,” says CEO and Founder Achmad Zaky. “We started out in a dormitory room. Even our old office in Mampang was once swept by the annual flood!”

During the star-studded event attended by Minister of Communications and Information Technology Rudiantara, comedian Cak Lontong, and several celebrity bloggers, Zaky takes e27 on a tour to check out the inside of the colourful facility.

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Every single room in the office is designed like a traditional marketplace. Once we walk past the waiting room –where there is a plastic tree that reminds us of Tokopedia’s HQ — we enter a narrow hallway where the dining rooms are. Each dining room has a food stall theme, like, for example, the Super Burger.

This is so good

This is so good

There is also a row of dining booths in the form of an odong-odong, a train-like vehicle that children ride while their parents go shopping.


Dining booth in form of train-like 'odong-odong'

Dining booth in form of train-like ‘odong-odong’

There is even an egg-shaped swing and a park bench where employees can have lunch.


Indonesian comedian Cak Lontong poses with a fan


What do you have in your office? A copier machine?

Farther inside, there are snack stalls and a basketball court, where the company usually holds presentations.

Audiences sit on the bleacher while speakers talk in the court

The audiences sits on the bleachers while speakers take the court

Dunk it!

Dunk it!

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The company assigns different sub-themes for different division. For the Engineering team, the sub-theme is Chinatown.

Welcome to Chinatown!

Welcome to Chinatown!

As for the Marketing team, it is a bird market. The section even has a meeting room made to look like a bird cage.

Free as a bird

Free as a bird

On the second floor, Zaky shows us the library, which the employees often use for naps when working overtime. There is even a recreation room complete with video games and musical instruments.

When we walk in, we catch a local band in the middle of a rehearsal.

Act cool, don't look!

Act cool. Don’t look!

Our visit peaks with the official launch of the new office, officiated by Minister Rudiantara. They cut of a tumpeng, a traditional yellow rice dish usually served at celebratory events, and defy tradition by giving the first plate to the youngest person in the room. Usually, the first plate is given to the oldest person.

“But these youngsters are the future,” says Minister Rudiantara.

It's official!

It’s official!

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