#Asia KOSI is a no-frills smart home sensor that is smaller than your palm, will cost about US$30


KOSI can run for six months on a single charge

There are two kinds of smart devices flooding the consumer market: the intricate ones crammed with all manner of functionalities and enhancements, and the ones with a bare-bones interface focussing only on one core function.

KOSI, a smart home device created by a Hong Kong-based startup of the same name, belongs to the latter group.

It comes in three variations: temperature sensor, infrared-red (IR) remote, and clicker button. There is nothing that sets them apart in terms of design, all of them feature just one button and have to be connected to a smartphone app via Bluetooth.

The use cases of each of them are pretty self-explanatory. The temperature sensor measures temperature and humidity of any room; the IR remote turns smartphones without in-built IR capabilities into remote controllers; and the clicker button allows users to control smartphone apps using a button (such as taking photos remotely, for example).

Additionally, KOSI has developed a smart air conditioner controller to monitor temperature, set schedules and IFTTT functions.

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Its featureless, no-frills design may be nothing to behold, but when it comes to complementing the house decor, it makes sense for the device to look like it is part of the furnishing; and not an appliance that sticks out like a sore thumb with blinking lights and whatnot.

It is also smaller than the size of your palm, so it can be placed anywhere without being obstructive.

Co-founder Gebhard Scherrer told e27 that multiple users can sync up to one device at a time. KOSI’s rechargeable battery can last for six months on a single charge.

KOSI has not been released yet, but Scherrer said each device will be priced at about US$30.

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