#Asia Meet the 8 Malaysian startups who will rock TOP100 Echelon Asia!


We’d be lying if we said none of these eight startups may have a chance at TOP100 Echelon Asia this year. Besides, these #DemiNegara startups beat the ‘exciting, surprising, and enticing’ ones.

Malaysian startups

The TOP100 roster feels incomplete without these #DemiNegara rockstar startups. Luckily, eight of these hard-hitting entrepreneurs will be there at Echelon Asia Summit, so folks definitely have the time to check them out. Read up on their profiles here, and be in awe of their hustle and traction:

Beely by Hyperion Labs

Hyperion Labs Sdn. Bhd. is technology startup based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hyperion Labs was established in December 2014 to provide proximity marketing and advertising solutions to retail businesses. Its flagship mobile application “Beely” revolutionised the use of proximity sensors to drives consumers to retail stores, make them stay, and keep them coming back by rewarding them for their time spent in stores. “Beely” is poised to revolutionise the marketing efforts of brick-and-mortar retail businesses.

Biztory by Vectory Innovation

Biztory is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product that helps business owners manage their business by reducing standard operation procedures by 90%, allowing businesses to run in a simpler and more efficient way. With this smart business assistant, users can easily manage their workloads in billing management, inventory management, customer and vendor management, GST related matters and business marketing management. Primarily, Biztory serves users who are not entirely computer savvy or knowledgeable in accounting.

BookDoc by Health4U Solutions Sdn Bhd

BookDoc is an online healthcare platform that connects and unites patients and healthcare professionals, bringing forth timely access, resource optimisation and informed choices. The platform links up those in need with those who can assist, anytime and anywhere, in which precious time is optimised for all parties, and the benefits of early access to care are realised. The services of BookDoc is available for free through its website, BookDoc.com, and its app, which can be downloaded for free through Google Play and App Store.


CarBengkel Mobile Application is a Malaysia startup that matches the need for all type of car service and repair to over 5000 workshops nationwide base on the services the workshop provides, its operating hours and the availability of spare parts. This will enable car owners to save time and money while the workshop can be more resilient with more traffic. It was a recipient of Cradle catalyst grant, successfully launched in June 2015, and was adopted as the automotive after-market apps solution by an agency under the Ministry of International Trade & Industry, and Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI).

CurrenSeek by Intuitive Asset Sdn Bhd

Intuitive Asset leverages the power of the API economy to programatically interconnect social media, mobile devices, sensor, location-based services, big data to build a proprietary mobile and web apps. It has created CurrenSeek, a location-based community-driven currency comparator app that empowers travellers to save up to 30% before the trip. It was created to help users locate the best currency exchange around their area and make informed decisions.


Kakitangan.com help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to have happier and more productive employees. It gives SMEs a beautiful, mobile supported and free HR software to ease operation-related processes and allows SMEs to upsell premium software features and employee benefits. In the last eight months, kakitangan.com has had over 1800 companies sign up on their platform, each company with about a thousand employees. The engineering team is formed by ex-MSFT, ex-Zalora dev leads, and a P&L GM from a NASDAQ company, with an HR expert equipped with 20 years-experience, and an angel who sold his company to Facebook.

Softinn Solutions (Winner of TOP100 Malaysia qualifier)

Softinn is a travel-tech startup that provides cloud booking engine & distribution system for independent hotels like boutique hotels, vacation rentals & small hotel chains. It empowers small hotels to distribute their room inventories more effectively via direct bookings & API. It develops e-commerce software for companies, helping businesses and sales go online securely. It has highly skilled programmers, website designers, web security engineers, post writers as well as market analysts to help accomplish this. Overall, its team provides customers with a comprehensive e-commerce solution.

The Lunch Club

The Lunch Club connects urban groups with independent and unique food selections in an easy-to-use, online platform. It curates food offerings from a city-wide network of food maestros and present it for purchase via its website, targeting primarily SMEs, corporate groups and cafes.  Food Maestros range from chefs, juice makers, coffee aficionados to event stylists. Curated spreads on The Lunch Club are great for meetings, training sessions or even parties. The Lunch Club’s mission is to democratise the small food biz industry and cultivate a community of foodies with a shared passion and curiosity for niche, independent grub.

If you want to give your full support and visit these startups this coming June – why not purchase our tickets? Bring a friend or more while you’re at it! Hope to see you at our event dear readers, and if you can, please happily tweet and support these startups using our #ECAsia2016 tag.

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