#Asia PRSRV is a credit card sized charger-cum-power bank that can prevent overcharging


Once the mobile phone is fully charged, the surplus power is directed to charge the back-up power bank, reducing energy consumption

Most of us charge our smartphones, tablets or other regularly-used electronic devices overnight. It is not that we are unaware of the damages that overnight charging can cause to the battery of the devices, but we are left with no options as we don’t want our phone/tablet to keep reminding us about ‘battery low’ when we are on an urgent work at the office.

Hamza Ansar also used to charge his phone before going to bed — until a couple of years ago. Now he has developed a unique power bank that can also double as a charger that can fit into his wallet.

“Like most people, I used to charge my phone overnight. One day when I was sitting next to the charging socket, I realised how inefficient this practice was in this high-tech 21st century. I then pondered over this issue and wondered why this was still not an issue for people. I realised that most people charge their phones overnight. Research led me to believe there was no efficient way to charge our phone overnight unless one plugs out the socket in the middle of the night,” said Ansar, an entrepreneur hailing from Pakistan.


This quest led him to start working on this idea. Over the course of the following six months, he formed a team and talked to lot of people on this issue. They painfully realised that educating consumers on this uneconomic and wasteful habit of over-charging phones overnight would be futile. The team then juggled over 50 ideas before coming up with an ejectable battery that can carry just the right amount of charge.

And so PRSRV was born.

Pronounced ‘preserve’, PRSRV is an innovative, energy efficient power bank designed to preserve and extend the average device’s battery life. “It is the first power bank in the world that can be used in two different locations simultaneously as it includes a charging station as well as a removable battery that functions as a charger on the move. This credit-card sized battery is designed to fit discretely in a wallet to provide consumers a portable, wire-free sleek power bank, without them needing to carry a bulky power bank case and a wire,” he explained.

Most importantly, PRSRV’s economic design protects mobile’s battery life and prevents overcharging by automatically cutting off electricity to the mobile once it is fully powered. The surplus power is directed to charge the back-up power bank — reducing energy consumption and efficiently charging first your mobile device and then PRSRV.

“We’ve all been forced into overcharging our devices at night through a combination of our busy schedules and the absence of a product that automatically unplugs your mobile after charging. PRSRV is designed to be that product,” he added.

PSRV Founder Hamza Ansar

The way PRSRV works is very simple. You connect your USB cable to PRSRV to charge the phone. Once the mobile is fully charged, the electric supply to the phone stops, and PRSRV then starts preserving energy within the power bank.

PRSRV is currently running a crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo, and has already exceeded the target amount of US$25,000, by over 170 per cent, from over 410 people across the world. While the crowdfunding price is US$59, the retail price would be fixed at US$99 once the commercial production starts.

Specifications of PRSRV:

  • Battery Capacity: Up to 8,000 mAh
  • Battery: Li-on
  • Base Charging Rate: quick charge 3.0
  • Removable Battery Charging Rate: 5.1V-2.1A
  • Number of ports: 2 = 1 base battery + 1 removable battery
  • Indication: 4 level LED indicator
  • Base Power Bank Dimensions: 110mm x 67mm x 12mm
  • Removable Battery Dimensions: 86mm x 54mm x 3mm
  • Total Weight: 190g
  • Operating Temperature: -10˚C to +45˚C

“I started on this idea two years ago and wanted to try the crowdfunding platform. I got my first proof of concept prototype from Hall Road (very small consumer electronics market in Lahore). Since I was not an Engineer by profession, it was hard for me to convert it into a full-blown sellable project. I had to get different sets of people together to reach this stage,” he added.

Ansar plans to start shipping the product by the end of June this year. “Our manufacturing partners are finalised. We have four different vendors in China. We then ship parts to the UK to have a ‘made in UK’ product,” he told e27.

While the parent company of PRSRV is based in the US, it managed to raise a seed funding from a couple of angels.


Image Credit: PRSRV


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