#Asia Regional house of representatives calls for Jakarta Governor to discontinue Qlue on neighbourhood level


The obligation for neighbourhood heads to file and follow up reports on the platform is considered ‘burdensome’


A group of neighbourhood heads (RT/RW heads) recently spoke to the Regional House of Representatives (DPRD DKI) to call for the discontinuation of the Qlue platform to file financial reports to the government, and to follow up on reports from citizens using the Qlue app.

The RT/RW heads stated that the obligation to use the app is ‘burdensome’ and that many of them failed to understand the mechanism to use it.

A. Syarif, Commission Secretary at DPRD DKI, was quoted by CNN Indonesia saying that the government should return to the previous format of using written reports, while also calling for a ‘stricter monitoring’.

An RT/RW (short for Rukun Tetangga and Rukun Warga in Bahasa Indonesia) is the smallest unit of local government in the Indonesian government system. Each head of neighbourhood is in charge of the administrative matters in that particular area, which consist of up to 30 households for RT and up to 50 households for RW.

As part of its SmartCity initiative, DKI Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama has been making it compulsory for districts in the DKI Jakarta province to use the app.

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He has been pushing for the use of Qlue app further down in RT/RW level.

Responding to the protest, the governor stated that it rooted in a recent incident where the local government had to tear down several street stalls for violating regulations, as per reports by local citizens via Qlue.

“This actually has nothing to do with Qlue itself … Those guys are just looking for an excuse to mess around with me,” he said.

Meanwhile, Qlue CEO Rama Raditya told e27 that the startup remains supportive of Governor Ahok’s decision to push for the use of Qlue in RT/RW level.

“I believe that Mr. Ahok’s decision to implement this policy is correct,” he wrote in an e-mail.

While the startup does not take any steps to convince RT/RW heads to use the Qlue app, it will still provide them with training to use the app.

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