#Asia Servishero now offers Pokémon Go drivers in Singapore


The Malaysia-based startup is the latest tech company to capitalise on the AR game that has taken the world by storm

The ServisHero team

The ServisHero team

In the past three days, the people of Southeast Asia have finally witnessed first-hand the incredulous phenomenon that is Niantic‘s Pokémon Go. In Singapore, innumerable legions of players — under three different banners — are fighting to be the very best — and to catch em’ all.

Malaysia-based startup “Grab for local service providers” ServisHero wants to aid Singapore-based players in their valiant quests by providing drivers who would ferry hardcore Pokémon Go players to the game’s hotspots — places featuring rare Pokemons, Pokemon gyms, or PokeStops.

“We launched this because in Baltimore and in Canada and even Reddit, we can see this phenomenon of private drivers capitalising on the Pokemon Go wave is very real (and lucrative) with many people responding favourably to Pokemon Go driver services,” said Daniel Thong, Country Manager of ServisHero.


Thong said he believes the Singaporean’s competitive “Kiasu” (afraid to lose) spirit combined with the hot and humid tropical climate of the island would spur many young, working Singaporeans to adopt this service.

“Many Uber and Grab drivers earn on average S$15 (US$11) hour. At a S$30 (US$22.20) premium, getting supply for us is easy. Right now, we’ve launched Pokemon Go Driver only in Singapore to also test the response and uptake amongst our 90,000+ app users for private car services,” he said.

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Nearly 50 drivers on ServisHero have signed up to provide this service and the platform has already facilitated 30 transactions from the app’s users (the offer is currently only available on the consumer app).

The average time booked for each of these transactions is 1 to 2 hours. Thong said only its Singapore market will have this option for now.

ServisHero is not the only company offering Pokemon Go chauffeur services in Singapore. Other car rental firms, limousine companies and even some Grab drivers are also providing such solutions.

Other Singapore-based tech companies have also been capitalising on this trend in different ways. Gaming hardware company Razer is holding a Pokemon Go walk tomorrow. Players who use the RazerGo app while they play will stand a chance to win prizes. Dating app LunchClick is also incorporating Pokemon Go hunts into its singles’ events.

The AR game’s craze has spawned a bunch of other curious stories in Singapore. First, some guy found a dead body by a pier while trying to catch a water-based Pokémon; and a car crash occurred allegedly because of the game.

Happy hunting, folks, and I’ll see y’all at a virtual gym.



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