#Asia SmartEgg is the lord of all remotes


This universal remote controller stores thousands of remotes via cloud and allows you to control infrared devices via a smartphone


Using your smartphone to control your TV is not exactly nouveau tech. In fact, there are heaps of apps available that allow you to perform said task. So how does Singapore-based startup AICO Tech hope to stand out with its SmartEgg remote?

Well, for a start, they are hoping that SmartEgg will be the remote to end all remotes.

By syncing to its cloud database, a user will have access to 5,500 remotes from companies such leading TV manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung, Toshiba and Philips via the SmartEgg app. In addition, it emits 250 different IR protocols.

This means that even if a particular remote is not available in its database, you can still operate the TV using the app as long as there is a matching IR protocol.

It also features a highly customisable interface, allowing you configure what buttons you want, and where they are placed.

It can also integrate several functions into one button. For example, with just a single click, you can turn on your TV and home theatre system, turn on DVD player, and start playing. Perfect for the ultimate couch potato.

Using Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you can also manipulate your TV without having to touch your smartphone as long as you are within range. It claims to be cover a distance of 50m for indoors and 20m outdoors.

Besides TVs, it can also sync with your camera and act as remote shutter/timer.  SmartEgg has other peripheral capabilities thrown in as well, such as temperature monitoring, smart air conditioner optimisation based on environmental conditions and auto mute when your phone rings.

This little device retails for US$89. A hefty price, but if you want to eliminate the annoyance of fumbling around with multiple controllers and multiple buttons, it might be well worth your money.

Its Kickstarter campaign has exceeded its funding goal of US$50,000, hitting US$82,259, with eight days left to spare.

Too bad it doesn’t microwave your popcorn though.

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