#Asia Sorry, kids: Ruangguru launches an app that enables parents to monitor your study


The startup wants to help parents be more involved in their children’s study process

2016-09-19 (2)

Indonesian edutech startup Ruangguru on Friday launched a new app for parents to monitor their children’s study progress through the Ruangguru platform.

The app allows parents to check their children’s tutoring schedule, read their children’s evaluation report from their tutors, book private tutorial service, buy online tutoring package, and many more. Parents are also able to rate each session by the private tutors through the app.

The startup aims to make the app as easy as possible for parents to use, by only requiring them to enter their mobile phone number and the parental code that they receive when registering their children on the Ruangguru platform.

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“Research shows that students’ academic achievements is greaty affected by the quality of parents’ participation. All this time, parents have been receiving limited information on their children’s study progress. In schools, they only find out about the study results when receiving the report book at the end of the semester. When they are sending their kids to cram schools, parents are also rarely involved in the process. We aim to change it all,” said Ruangguru CEO and Co-Founder Adamas Belva Devara.

In the future, parents will also be able to read analysis on their children’s independent study results.

“In the future the app can be used, not only by users of private tutoring service provided by Ruangguru, but also by anyone using Ruangguru’s paid and free services. So that parents, no matter where they are, are no longer need to worry about monitoring their children’s studies,” Devara said.

Since the appointment of Devara as new CEO, the startup has been hinting about several new product launches. Apart from this, Ruangguru also has an app that enables students to consult with tutors.

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