#Asia Staying alive in the fashion world: lessons learnt by Getfash.com


Working with local fashion brands, Getfash.com has learnt important lessons to help merchants build brand equity and generate targeted awareness


Getfash is a shoppable online magazine for the style conscious. It was founded with the aim of supporting Singapore’s fashion industry—directly connecting local merchants with a community of avid shoppers.

Early in our journey, we learnt that creating a catalog of apparel, accessories, shoes, and bags in order to offer a large variety to consumers was not enough.

“Selling fashion isn’t like selling groceries,” a brand owner once related. Behind their designs are stories—through which the brands wish to use to connect with their customers. It’s the challenge of telling that story in an authentic and credible way that local fashion merchants face.

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Brands & Designers versus Blogshops

Our clients also face the challenge of being compared to ‘blogshops’—online shops based out of free blogs which usually sell second-hand or wholesale clothing that are bought at low prices and help flip a quick profit.

A brand manager once lamented: “While we can offer relatively competitive prices, how can we convince consumers to pay a slight premium for original, quality, and creative designs?”

Through such interactions, we started understanding that brands and designers greatly value their creative output—and rightly so. All startups should know—creativity is not scalable. So, how can we help communicate the aesthetic value of our clients’ offerings?

Marketing Style that makes Business Sense

“Half of my marketing budget is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

Local fashion merchants are becoming more marketing savvy and have realised existing platforms might be giving them untargeted, irrelevant, and unidentified demographics. While it may be inevitable that marketing campaigns will reach irrelevant audiences, merchants are looking for new ways to minimise budget wastage so as to optimise their marketing efforts.

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The Getfash Advertorial Commerce Platform

We offer local fashion merchants shoppable advertorials that have the capability to help them jumpstart collection launches, build brand equity and brand awareness, and also, capture immediate sales opportunities. Our online magazine offers readers stories that highlight the aesthetic value of our clients’ creations, giving consumers style inspiration and ideas that help them better the way they look and present themselves.

Unique to Getfash’s shoppable advertorials, we help merchants reach people of specific demographics and psychographics through social media strategies and readers segmentation. This means our clients’ marketing dollar is optimised for targeted readership and revenue generation.

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Bringing Fashion Forward

Getfash’s mission is to curate trendy and relevant ideas in fashion, highlight aesthetic and functional values, and to aid consumers to bring style inspiration to life.

Our next step is to launch a new, scalable marketing product that allows more fashion brands and merchants to benefit from our shoppable magazine, while maintaining the quality of content and merchants we bring onboard for our readers.

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