#Asia Tech Helping Tech: How MiDash can bring realtors into the digital era


Most realtors still depend on manual channels in order to reach out to clients. MiDash wants to change this with its digital and advanced marketing platform

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“The real estate industry, despite the size of the companies that dominate it, is largely dependent on a manual process,” begins Grace Granlund, CEO of MiDash.

Realtors, despite having their own computerised system for sales management and accounting, continue to heavily rely on printed materials. Sales and marketing strategies, explains Granlund, are also largely traditional, with realtors’ idea of online marketing limited to creating their own website and paying for listing spaces online.

By relying on traditional sales and marketing methods, the real estate industry also suffers from added consequential problems such as delayed payments, lack of real-time data, and high costs of selling and marketing. For these reasons, Granlund decided to use her local and international experience in real estate in order to address these issues.

Real estate goes digital

Enter a solution like MiDash, a platform that provides realtors digital and advanced marketing tools for their business. Should realtors decide to use the platform, coordinating and centralising sales efforts will be easier for them due to the platform’s real-time access to information. The platform provides instant updates and plan amendments to realtors instead of previously relying on numerous emails or printed fliers. This time around, realtors will have access to actual inventory, updates, new price changes and promotions that will make it easier for them to close client deals.

Additionally, the platform has an intuitive inventory system that allows realtors’ clients to view the actual floor plan, serving both as an inventory and reservation tool. Realtor client profiles, payment histories and transactions are tracked and updated by MiDash’s system automatically, along with prompt notifications and reminders, freeing up time for the sales team to hustle more clients in.

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MiDash also provides an e-sales kit which can be downloaded from the system and can be emailed directly to the client or used in a presentation. Previously, most realtors would have to print expensive brochures for client visits, which usually take up a lot of their sales and marketing costs. The platform also comes with a CRM system that will allow real estate managers to track individual performances of their members, as well as continue to record and track their clients’ profiles.

Lastly, what is considered to be a staple of any real estate developer is MiDash’s lead generation package, in which pre-qualified real estate client leads are funneled directly through the MiDash system.

Market reach and the future

When it comes to reach, MiDash is already in talks with top real estate developers and companies in the Philippines, with a growing realtor client base every month. Internationally, the team is currently in negotiations with realtor clients in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Netherlands and India.

MiDash is also currently looking at raising US$500,000 in order to achieve fully covering the Philippines and Asia Pacific through a series of sales partnerships and resellers. By 2018, MiDash optimistically desires to penetrate the global market and to be used as the default system for real estate developers worldwide.

“MiDash system is the core that would bind all the disjointed sales efforts of real estate developers. This will change the game, by organising all that data in one place, in real-time,” Granlund concludes.

This is part of our Tech Helping Tech series, where we feature companies in Asia that are helping to solve business problems for the tech industry and startup ecosystems. Find out more how MiDash can help realtors get better sales and find out how you can list on the e27 Marketplace here. For more great products and services designed to benefit your growing business, visit e27.co/marketplace

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