#Asia Tech Helping Tech: Veems has new tricks up its sleeve for the emoji generation


The Israeli social messaging app uses unique stickers and predictive texting to take engagement to the next level


People’s lives these days are primarily dependent on their mobile phones. We use them to communicate our intentions in different ways and to connect with different people from distant and nearby locations. Additionally, in the social messaging space, people are found to rely on more than one social messaging application – people do not only download WhatsApp or LINE or Kakao Talk or WeChat but either a combination or a bundle of these similar applications.

Israeli-born entrepreneur, Iddo Goren, believes that despite numerous social messaging applications in the market, his startup, Veems, is one messaging tool that not only promotes creativity and individualism, but is one of the quickest messaging applications today.

Of Kickers, Quickers and stickers

According to the Veems team, the startup was born out of the need to communicate in a very fast and easy way without losing a user’s personal touch. With chat shortcuts like tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) or acronyms like lol (laugh out loud), Veems appeals to folks who enjoy using shortcuts and chat stickers, or as Goren calls it, ‘the emoji generation.’

“Our users want information.” explains Irene Enriquez, Head of Communications at Veems. “They want to communicate but without spending so much time typing and reading long threads.”

For those who are easily distracted, Veems is a great tool that recaptures one’s attention. Through pre-loaded messages and stickers with statements like Good morning! or Thanks, bye! users need to only tap their selected message once, automatically sending it to their contact. Goren calls these pre-loaded messages ‘Kickers,’ as they are supposed to make conversations easier, rather than have users stumble over them.

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Veems also comes with a technology that learns the behaviour of each user, suggesting the most relevant stickers in a variety of situations. For example, Goren explains, a user could invite their friends over for drinks every Friday evening. As the user sends a beer sticker to his friends week on week, the Veems algorithm picks up the user’s ritual and adds it to the suggested stickers every Friday evening.

The same works for stickers that are time-sensitive, like “Good morning!” or “Sweet dreams!” Users can easily see and select these options based on the time they choose to send it. Goren describes this customer experience as ‘Quickers,’ with Veems’ technology making users’ conversations natural and fluid yet quick.

Another main feature of Veems is that users can also send a photo with a four-second sound clip. With one tap, users can send very personal and unique messages to each other.

Features available on Veems

Features available on Veems

VeemsCast and the Philippine focus

Currently, Veems is focussed only on marketing in the Philippines. In a previous campaign, the team had tested out several countries in the ASEAN region and found that the Filipinos were the most responsive and engaged on the application.

Once the Veems team establishes itself in the Philippines, the startup does plan to explore other countries as well.

Regarding the rationale behind the high engagement, Goren attributes this to how Filipino users enjoy the different photos and sounds they’re exposed to on the Veems application, as well as being visually creative in making their own photos and sound clips.

It has also launched VeemsCast, a feature that broadcasters can use to communicate to their followers about their daily updates. Currently, Veems allows bloggers and celebrities to be broadcasters, giving them the option to update their followers about the latest fashion trends or blog posts. Veems is also open in allowing companies or SMEs to become broadcasters to showcase their latest products and services.

When asked, Goren says he is optimistic for the future of the company. He’s reported that the VeemsCast received a higher visitor conversion rate as compared to Facebook, and has a 24 per cent week-over-week growth in engagement.

Overall, the Veems application has already gone through several iterations, with its latest version being both stylish and user-friendly. The application is currently available on Android, with the iOS version due to come out in several months.

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