#Asia The Jay Kim Show: Kent Langley explains exponential organisation and why you should care


Sometimes, entrepreneurs miss the forrest for the trees, and sometimes their kids can help then rediscover focus

At around the ages of 5-7, most kids begin to ask their parents, “What do you do for a living?”. All of the children in school are comparing their parents’ job in a nearly universal moment of growing up.

Kent Langley is the Chief Exponential Officer at ProductionScale. He has introduced the idea of ‘exponential organisation’ (the goal of achieving 10x growth at 1/10th the cost) and teaches the fundamentals at Singularity University.

Langley is a firm believer that technology can be used for the greater good and can be the solution to many of the world’s problems.

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For those that want some inspiration in their day, this podcast is perfect. Full show notes below.

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Detailed Show Notes

  • (3:01) Kent’s entrepreneurial background
  • (4:40) What is an exponential organization?
  • (6:14) How failure and embarrassment led Kent to discover his massive transformative purpose
  • (8:26) Kent’s current ExO projects
  • (10:43) How any organization can implement the global ExO framework
  • (15:30) What it means to be an ExO
  • (16:15) On helping cities adapt to an increasingly technological world
  • (18:18) The potential for Asia to become an ExO hub
  • (19:08) What is data activation?
  • (22:09) How does data activation tie in to the ExO movement?
  • (23:14) On Singularity University and Kent’s role as a faculty member
  • (25:43) Singularity University’s course offerings and what it takes to attend SU
  • (28:53) Kent’s ambitious goals for 2017
  • (30:18) On being remembered for generosity and openness

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