#Asia The speedy 6: Tips to be first-to-market with your App


Make sure to focus on the core product above all else. The nifty features can be added after the launch


We live in the fast paced world in which businesses have very little time to be first-to-market. CEOs of startups know the constant struggle between speed and quality and the reality that neither can compromised.

But there do exist some readily available resources for speeding up the process of mobile application development.

Here are the hacks that will help any entrepreneur looking for a quick way to launch a mobile app to the market.

Save huge time by using low-fidelity wireframes

A lot of time can be saved by using low-fidelity wireframes as a guiding blueprint. Low-fidelity wireframes is design jargon for a simple layout the app is going to follow.

Expert developers say it a wise decision to use low fidelity wireframes to map the layout of an app for its design and architectural views. Because they are rough blueprints, they save massive time in comparison of high-fidelity wireframes.

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Wireframes of an app give UX designers more directions in designing the user interface.

Go with an MVP instead of a full-fledged product. Start testing and make enhancements as per the received feedbacks.

There really is no need to enter the market with a full-fledged product because no matter what, changes will need to be made.

Launch a minimum viable product (MVP), instead. The MVP will let you quickly introduce your product. As you launch it, immediately start collecting data with use of feedback-loop called build-measure-learn. Collected feedbacks can help your mobile application development team make enhancements that users really want.

Choose hybrid solutions over native ones

Instead of going purely native, choose the hybrid method of mobile application development.

There are solutions like Adobe Phonegap and Xamarin that let developers apply a single codebase to create apps for multiple platforms. With hybrid solutions, startups will quickly enter the market and then can replace it with native apps in the future.

First create the core activities and then add additional features as ready-made

First, finish up the core product and then think about how it can effectively engage users. Nobody is going to play with the nifty side feature if the core product is below average.

However, one it is time to build additional features, there are a number of pre-made applets which can be applied to an app without the need of any extra coding. WalkMe, for example, can be used for engagement, Twilio for communication and SandGrid for email.

Outsource non-core features to third party mobile app developers

In case the non-core, ready-made features, are not up to standard it’s a good idea to outsource them so the company’s concentration remains on the core part of the project.

Then, non-core features will be created by third party developers in the same period of time and the team won’t lose focus on what is important.

Set up automated testing instead of manual testing to ensure security of the app

Even if the development has to be concluded as quickly as possible, security issues must be addressed before releasing the product.

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Thankfully, these days it is possible to rapidly create safe apps by automating the mobile app testing. You can run the test side by side, whereas if you choose to do it manually, the process may take several hours to finish up.

These tips do not advocate creating a final version of app but explain how to quickly create an app and be the first to market.

John Dave is a Business Consultant of mobile app development companies.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.


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